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Harrods Zombie Last Supper

9 Oct

So proud of Lily Vanilli who is launching in Harrods this week!!!! Cupcakes being sold  (pictured) in the food halls AND her book (based entirely around the concept of a Zombie eating cupcakes) in the stationary department. Now here comes the really good bit, a concept dreamt up with children in mind it could not be further away from EYHO!!! Ready?..
Between 1-2pm on 29th October in the Stationary Dept in Harrods there is a Zombie last supper to celebrate the launch of her book “A Zombie Ate My Cupcake” – lots of free cake samples handed out by zombies and you can have your picture take seated at the table having a dinner party with zombies too! If you have children and love cake (and are maybe a little guilt stricken by not sharing any of your grown up fucked up cakes from EYHO too) then this is not one to miss!
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