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Day of the Dead Wallpaper

13 Apr

I am so proud of my friend Emily in not only designing, but also producing, this incredible wallpaper inspired by Mexican sugar skulls. Super chic.


The elegant design of the Sugar Skull is representative of the Mexican Day of the Dead celebrations, where this folkloric skull is a ‘Memento Mori’ and has become an iconic symbol of life and death.

In this unique wallpaper, the intricately illustrated skull has been given a sophisticated twist by replicating it in gold on a rich matt dark charcoal, making it a luxurious addition to any interior.
Technical Information:

Roll size: 10m x 52cm
Pattern repeat: 53cm
Made in the UK

Buy it direct here.


Candy Wallpaper

27 Sep

I must not be tempted to buy a giant sundae shaped chalk board for the office… and so on and so forth!

There is child like joy to be had in these wallpapers from WallCandy Arts. Clouds, red apples, cupcake wall decals, twin popsicles… Oh it makes me feel happy just looking at them.

RGB Walls

26 Apr

Super clever RGB wallpapers by Carnovsky, debuted at Milan Design Week. Of uber geek design standards – consisting of three separate patterns printed over each other. By shining red, green, or blue light on them, you can isolate and hide the different images (source).


12 Feb

This stuff is INCREDIBLE – Paperboy is a kick arse selection of wallpapers for children – and more specifically boys. How good is this stuff?

(Miss C disclaimer: the comments have gone nuts so can I point out that the “specifically boys” comment comes from Paperboy not me – and I have now added girls as  tag too. Got to rush I have cooking and ironing to do…)

This really is wallpaper for a boy of any age with a sense of humour and an enjoyment of the scary or an attraction to the horrid. Here is the dya-think-e-saurus range:

And here is handmade:

Wallpaper’s Fab 40 Online

8 Oct

For once I am going to blow my own trumpet as opposed to other things… ….such as blowing up balloons.

It has just come as a total and utter surprise that I have made it into Wallpaper’s Fab 40 Online, as compiled by Poke. It’s made me feel all grown up so I may have to change the header back to non Halloween version to stop freaking people out.

There are six categories in total; retail, blog, downloads, innovation, hardware and inspiration. Other sites which have been given the nod by Poke include drop.io, We Make Money Not Art and Please Dress Me a T-shirt search engine (a bit like Rumplo).

Here is the proof:


Beware The Moon

28 Jul

‘Different’ wallpaper is no new thing, but the stuff which Beware The Moon are coming out with most certainly deserves a mention. High-end, niche and avant garde, Beware the Moon is the brainchild of wallpaper designer John Wakefield and his daughter Louise. I am in LOVE with skull and cross bones flocked wallpaper.



(notcot via we heart stuff)

All Saints Ram Skull Interiors

9 Jan


Really lovely range of unusual home decor from the fairly newly launched All Saints home line. Loving this ‘Rams Skull’ candle, AND the stunning matching wallpaper. Perfect for my bedroom.


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