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Vodka for Gay Marriage

18 Apr

Nice adverts here from Smirnoff & Absolut in support of Gay Marriage:


BIEMdSRCUAEIIGY.jpg-large Gay Marriage Absolut


Smirnoff x D*Face

20 Jun

I LOVE how us mere mortals (AKA bloggers) also get invited along to press events these days. This D*Face / Smirnoff activity a great example.

In short Smirnoff have been up to their collaboration tricks again – this time with artist D*Face who I have already featured lots on this blog. If you follow me on Instagram you also would have seen the super cool limited edition D*Face we got along with our luxe invitation >> this excellent attention to detail from agency Splendid all part of Smirnoff’s continued mission to create extraordinary experiences. I’ve included snap shots below and as soon as I get my camera working I will also take images of the great D*Face artwork we also got to take home with us – it’s amazing! Sadly I missed the event (just popped along to say hello and grab my piece) due to this ongoing dental debacle but as you can see from the images below (borrowed from this UK Street Art blog who managed to make a night of it). Follow up later in the week…









Frozen Ghost Vodka

17 Sep

Ok so Frozen Ghost Vodka is amazing!

Generations ago, a family in Western Canada had a proud but small farm. They raised crops and livestock so plentifully, they outproduced all the other farms in the colony. Soon, people began to realize that the spring that watered their land was the sweetest and purest in the area and was thought to be the source of their success.
A jealous neighbor schemed to divert their water to his own property. Stealing onto their land one bitterly cold winter night, he was confronted by the farm’s owner, known only as Tobias. The neighbor struck him with his shovel, knocking him unconscious into a pond near the mouth of the spring. The water thief completed his work, diverting some of the spring’s output to his property by means of the underground channel he dug.

Tobias’s body was later discovered in the ice that froze the pond deep on that frigid winter night.

No one knew how he died. The secret was safe until the neighbor began to report a strange presence of Tobias that haunted his every step. A presence that ultimately drove him mad. He confessed everything as he was driven in a prison cart to the colony’s sanitarium.

The farm has changed hands many times over the centuries, and now that same spring’s water is used to produce Frozen Ghost Vodka

Todka – Cult Cornish Toffee Vodka

26 Jul

I am second guessing that most of the people at the Cakey Perry launch party will have a sweet tooth so the lovely Todka is a PERFECT partnership for us (of course depending on supplies* we will be offering it to normal diners too as I think vodka with cake is a perfectly acceptable combination indeed at any time of day) – and if it is good enough for Nigella’s Christmas it is good enough for me! Yes I am pretty in love with this vodka so some more information is below as well as some ideas of how to bake with it!

Todka is a deliciously smooth, toffee flavour Vodka that began life in a small guest house in Newquay, Cornwall – from where its popularity and cult status quickly spread.

 Original Toffee

Just Vodka and smooth Toffee, pure and simple. Start here for an unbelievable taste experience. Sweet caramel, then a warming hint of Vodka – perfect.

  • Shooter – with ice
  • Mixer – Hot ginger beer



Vodka, Toffee –then Banoffee. It’s Bananas!

An extreme dimension to the original. Everything you have come to expect with a crash of Banana to make your day.

Makes the perfect CupCake ingredient!



Vodka, Toffee –then Hazelnut.

Does it really taste like the chocolate bar with one in every bite? You tell us, we are not sure. We only know it tastes great!

  • Todka with added earthy hazelnut flavour. Great with Mince pies or in Flapjack
  • Bailey’s & Ice
  • In expresso coffee with a dollop of ice cream on the top!

BUY TODKA: On-line suppliers include:  Firebox.com, amazon.co.uk, drinkshop.com

FIND OUT MORE:  For more information about Todka, including retailers and recipe and cocktail ideas  go to – http://www.todka.com

FOLLOW TODKA @todka they want your to cake based ideas and pictures from this event!

*how pissed the press decide to get 😉

Assault Rifle Vodka

24 Jul

This is SO wrong and yet unbelievably awesome at the same time – vodka aimed at a, and marketed for, gun fanatics & yours for just over £100!  (note I have not touched the wording below that’s how Urban Drinks chose to sell this particular brand).

This extraordinary product bundle combines two of Russia’s biggest exports: The vodka and the Kalashnikov. Kalaschnikow Red Army Vodka comes packed in a green wooden ammunition box and in shape of a glass replica of the legendary Russian assault rifle which is filled with 1L of high quality vodka made of finest spirit and crystal clear spring water. The vodka is very smooth with subtle notes of honey and vanilla.

In addition, the box includes a hand-grenade shaped flask filled with fine herbal liqueur and six shot glasses with “Red Army” emblems! On top of that, as an Urban Drinks exclusive, you get four extra cans of 9MM Energy Drink. The cans of this Hungarian energy drink come in shape of bullets! Quality wise, this drink definitely can keep up with the more known products.

Whether you are a gun fanatic or you just are a sucker for extraordinary packaging, you shouldn’t miss out on this great product!

Mc Drunk

6 Jun


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