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Vintage Fancy Dress

21 Apr


1950’s – photographer unknown




LCF0096 6if3kc_1d4r_l1919 Carousel Fancy Dress Costume 1919 Carousel Fancy Dress Costume




Women on Venice Beach (1930's)

Women on Venice Beach (1930’s)


20sowlhat2 20sowlhat1

Hats & Headgear Fashion in the 1930s (13)



1930's Clown Costume

1930’s Clown Costume





01-cacb-003 Bulldogs in Fancy Dress, 1905 (1)





Vintage Gal

14 Apr

10 reasons below why you really need to check out the Vintage Gal Tumblr by Cat:

Name’s Cat. I’m an L.A. gal who loves everything from classic movie queens to pinups to classic horror. My likes vary a lot. Having said that, I refuse to fit in a box or apologize for being me.











1890 Erotic Pony Girl

13 Mar

These images of exotic dancers from 1890 I found on Neatorama are amazing – see more images at Retronaut. The Pony Girl is bloody amazing.









70’s Lounging

17 Feb

Moving in 10 days (whoop) to an amazing 70’s retro-tastic live / work space which I am trying to design it at the moment. As a result I am discovering some amazing 70’s interiors I just had to share. Needless to say I am totally in love with the idea of a conversation pit!

1938 Dating Tips for Single Women

6 Jan

Ah so this is where I have been going wrong – 74 years on I think it would still be wise to follow these tips (especially the clothes one).

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Articulated Dinosaur Lamp

28 Dec

Geologists are the only scientists happy when their work is taken for granted granite.

That 2011 cracker joke aside how amazing is this dinosaur light – WANT! Sadly I think these beasts are rarer than rocking horse poo though…

PS: Yes I do know a scientist who studies dinosaurs is a palaeontologist (I did watch friends) but I don’t have a cracker joke about them 😉

Vintage Ghosts

28 Oct

Love this old advert posted on Kitschy Living


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