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How To Shrink A Head

15 Dec

Utterly random brilliance over at Nerdcore – ever wanted to know how human heads are shrunk then read on >>


THERE’S A REASON hunters’ trophies tend to end at the neck. A head is more practical than a body. It’s easier to transport, it’s less time-consuming to prepare, and it confers the same bragging rights. Today, I count 29 heads—most taxidermied, some ­shrunken—on display in the Adventurers Club’s spacious old headquarters in downtown ­Chicago. Plus four attached to torsos: mine, David Brown’s, club honcho Howard Rosen’s, and that of Struve’s shrunken boy.

Smuggle Truck – disturbing games with dead babies

9 Feb

Smuggle Truck is a bad taste game based on immigration where at one point 100’s of babies spill from the truck & make a strange noise when run over. The inspiration behind the game being border-hopping between Mexico and the U.S.

Yes it is very wrong but the games makers Owlchemy view this as progression – they have also issued a ridiculous statement that shows they still have no grasp of how this may effect those with direct experience of this “issue”:

“Smuggle Truck was inspired by the frustration our friends have experienced in trying to immigrate to the United States. With such a troublesome issue being largely avoided in popular media, especially video games, we felt the best way to criticize it was with an interactive satire.

In Smuggle Truck, players are driving a truck with passengers in the back, bringing them over a fictional border. This idea originated as a result of learning that the process of legal immigration was not as straightforward as we had assumed. As we lived through a painful 12 months of our friend struggling through the absurd legal minefield that surrounds U.S. immigration, we felt that we should create a game that touches on the issue. The comment was thrown around that “it’s so tough to legally immigrate to the U.S., it’s almost easier to smuggle yourself over the border”, and thus Smuggle Truck was born. A two-day prototype eventually turned into an iPhone game, with the plan to reach as many players as possible.

Throughout the creation of the game, we maintained a meticulous eye to avoid depicting stereotypes and specific locales. Through user testing and feedback from fellow developers and even random strangers, we worked to represent the game in a more abstracted form.

With a satirical angle on a real issue, we want to create a game that is fun to play but also stirs up discussion on ways to improve the problematic immigration system in the United States.”

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