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Kanye West Tweets as Embroidery

5 Oct

This is inspired, your ‘favourite’ Kanye West Tweets hand stitched and framed to order – according to NME he has just deleted all his old tweets so what better way to preserve them!!!











Shitter (SFW)

6 Apr

Said it before and I will say it again many a great idea starts with a name!

Shitter will take one or more Feeds from your Twitter-Account and turn it into four rolls of toilet paper, delivered straight to your door.”
(unsurprisingly via Nerdcore)

Peanut Twitter

7 May

Inspired Tumblr mixing Peanuts & Twitter – Peanut Twitter! (via nerdcore)

Museum of Modern Tweets

19 Feb

Super clever way of ungeeking Twitter here –

Each and every Tuesday (unless and I quote “‘my hands fall off and my computer explodes” artist Odessa Begay creates a visual representation of a celebrity’s 140-character message. Museum of Modern Tweets is mighty fine waste of time…

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