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Peter Aurisch Tattoo Artist

24 Apr

WOW – without question some of the most beautiful tattoos I have ever seen. The work of artist Peter Aurisch (via Notcot).









Hand Fingers (VIDEO)

6 Nov

Oooooo this is horrid – I really must stop reading Nerdcore. Their awesome posts like this terrify me!


24 Jul

OK I actually do totally freaked out writing this post and there is a good reason… oh yes this is a bad / good one those eyelashes below are made from…

…dead fly legs. Yep artist Jessica Harrison makes ‘sculptural videos’ including one using real fly legs for eyelashes called (of course) Flylashes.  It’s making me shudder – but equally I LOVE IT.

I don’t find Mouth Eye any less disturbing either – urrrrrrghhhhhhhh

via Nerdcore

Pete the Meat Puppet

22 May


He’s the puppet made out of meat. Course he didn’t last long, he’s to delicious to live…

Diesel seem to favour the “let’s see how many ads we can get banned” approach to advertising – the ‘flower ejaculate ad’ being one example that springs to mind. Now they have pushed the boundaries even further with surreal musical short films – I honestly can not describe Pete The Meat Puppet viral, you have to watch it yourself. What I can say is that it comes from Swedish advertising agency Farfar, and that it comes with sing-along lyrics… ‘Pete’ is the start of a self-described “Dark” effort from Diesel, I am looking forward to the rest from this great starting point.

I am not massively up my own arse creative wise unlike 80% of the bloggers who have posted this, so yes I do like it, but think I am more or less alone. Pete’s stupid story continues on Diesel’s website, featuring “beat the meat” and “sirloins” of my mother jokes – it is here where the whole thing starts to fall apart a little.


Surreal Rankin

3 May



Tuuli / Made Up / Additional Retouched Images

Walking the Cabbage

30 Apr

Walking the Cabbage is a series of social intervention performances, video and photography works. It consists of Han Bing walking a Chinese cabbage on a leash in public places…





Here is a really crappy film of ‘walking cabbages’ but you get the point

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