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Roadsworth’s Bottle Installation

30 Mar

To highlight it’s commitment to the environment Montreal’s Eaton center teamed up with street artist ‘Roadsworth’ to create an installation of recycled materials ONLY using products thrown away by customers… The results are pretty impressive, and the concept strong, but I think the photographs may make it look a lot more impressive than it was when viewed in person (via The Trendy Girl).


21 Dec

It would be wrong to say until yesterday I had not seen INSA’s work. In fact when working on Shoreditch I saw his pieces on an almost daily basis. However, it would be right to say I have not seen pieces of his I like, or which inspired me to find out more. I don’t like his trademark patterns. With the ‘boob grabbing’ graffiti having got me past this mental block however I LOVE what I found on his website >> go check it out.










Tiptoe’s Bed of Skulls

17 Dec

The guys at Street Anatomy say Tiptoe is one of their favourite street artists and I thoroughly agree.




19 May

I don’t know what’s been wrong with me lately just realised in the bliss of on longer having to work in Shoreditch I have not post about street art for a while… Time to amend that them with the work of Norwegian artist Dolk:

via Life Lounge, more at Dolk.com

This is Banksy (AKA Robin **********)

2 Mar

Bored of the bullshit and the “is he isn’t he” online eBay bollocks auction yadda yadda yadda. This IS Banksy. I am not telling you how I know, but I know. OK can we all move on now please… Naturally rest assured I will not try to flog this blog post for loads of money, and will continue to judge him on his amazing art and scarily creative brain – not the hype machine around it (though some of his stunts remain fucking awesome).

I think I need to update this as no one appears to be getting the point and just giving me grief – totally agree it is NO secret who he is and yet the myth continues. When his identity is formally identified will this effect the price of his art?… Why does someone think they can sell his identity on eBay months after it was revealed in UK papers? Oh and why do we give a shit who makes the art as long as we love the art?




Skeleton Street Art (with snow)

13 Jan

Another great find over at Who Killed Bambi


Mobstr V Newcastle Council 2

7 Jan

I have covered his graffiti conversations with Newcastle Council before but artist Mobstr has excelled himself with this latest “conversation”:







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