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Flawed body art

19 May

Incredibly art from Korean artist Kim Joon – who so takes body art to the new level using his subjects as a creative, sprawling, slightly flawed canvas on which to create hi vibrant, colourful, and dynamic artworks (via Lost At E Minor).

Chocolate Grace Jones – Easter repost

28 Mar


When Grace Jones first broke onto the scene over twenty years ago, many thought of the gender-bending pop icon more as a Jean Paul Goude media creation and personality than a true talent. Indeed image has always been an integral part of Grace Jones’ music career, her visual identity being almost as important as her voice. Now, the artwork for her latest album, Hurricane, brings new meaning to the the idea of dancing confectionary…

Collaborating with Tom Hingston Studio, Ms. Jones once again works the conceit of the popstar as visual commodity, in this case featuring life-size versions of herself made out of chocolate. Here are the pictures.


(source Core77)

Just tip me over and pour me out

7 Mar

It gets curiouser and curiouser when you start looking at tea pot designs via my faithful friend the Google image search. Most of these are via the blog of UK teapot artist Andy Titcomb who works out of Cornwall (which should keep the Monsterist happy).

Yang Maoyuan – inflated taxidermy

11 Jan

Anyone for a quick game of spot the difference?..

via crappy taxidermy

Random baubles

21 Nov

Let’s not go into the reasons why, still in November (not even the last week), my Christmas tree is up and lit up like Vegas. That said I expect everyone normal is a few weeks behind me on that front so here is some inspiration for your own tree -  buy all your random baubles at Bronners!

I particularly like the M&M dressed up as a NASCAR driver. And also who can forget that traditional Christmas image of an alligator in black vest and shoes, or a santa hunter with a gun.







World’s most random tattoo

3 Oct

Awesome inking in the form of this dinosaur who is about to eat a cupcake! It is by Ryan Mason (thanks Cassy).


Dumb Inventions

2 Oct

Awesome Life gallery of ‘Dumb Inventions‘ from the 1950′s / 1960′s. I am particularly taken with the Cat Miaow Machine.









It seems that today’s over zealous health & safety rules have stemmed creativity, but not for magician Pete Firman. Maybe he could do with a loan of the ‘smoke a whole packet at once’ invention above.

Best record covers ever!

2 Oct


Just when you thought blogs could not get any more niche I found this one – a collection of really remarkable Argentinian record covers via Lost at E Minor. They all rock – it is impossible for me to pick a favourite!







Oompa Loompa city makeovers

23 Sep

This is amazing – the Australian city of Sydney has had an Oompa Loompa style makeover. Remember these images are showing the REAL colour as seen by residents.


The city has been drowned in a giant dust storm giving the effect not far off how you would imagine an Armageddon may be. It would freak me right out to wake up and find your entire city covered in red smog – but thanks to gale force winds from the West that is exactly what happened to residents of Sydney. Time to hook out those swine flu masks and explore. Incredible images – time to wow and flutter for sure.









Inexplicable Hummer Graffiti

4 Aug

The only light I can shed on the matter is that this Hummer was pictured in Russia (via).





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