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Nightmare Goldfish Bedroom

31 Jul

Whilst I am on a drooling (in a non objectum sexual way) over architecture trip I had to share this goldfish bowl room I shared on my Facebook page a while ago – consensus is that it is amazing but terrifying don’t you agree? Will share more when I have done some research – strongly suspect it was photography project…



Thanks to @brileynoel for this update >> Find more about the artist here.

Oh My!

12 May

Piers Atkinson has done it again with his a/w 12 collection entitled ‘Oh My!’ – oh my indeed I adore it all. Top picks below including one of the men’s pieces (anyone for a crystal beard).

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Dog Disco

11 Dec

Terrifying *checks I ate the right type of mushrooms today*

Get Happy With House

27 Jun

I have said it before and I will say it again – I so would do Hugh Laurie especially after seeing this strange messed up brilliance! Thanks to @bacon_jam_blog for tweeting me this when I was in need of a cheer up 🙂

Black & White & WTF

22 Jun

Black & White & WTF is exactly the kind of images Tumblr was made for – very addictive!







Chocolate Zombie Bunny

21 Apr

More amazing crap from Think Geek

Refrigerated Watermelon Caddy

9 Mar

Tired of the inconvenience of having to carry your watermelon everywhere? Unhappy with the temperature of your watermelon when you arrive at wherever it is you’re taking your watermelon? Then the refrigerated watermelon caddy is just the product you’re looking for.

I think you could use one of these in Shoreditch with no one giving you a second glance (via The Murder Burger)!

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