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The Cigarette Duet

16 May

Brilliantly catchy and cheery in a strange way + great video = must watch!

OK Go V The Muppets

1 Oct

Soft Kitty Warm Kitty

18 Feb

Tea and Ruffles (@teaandruffles) just tweeted me this amazing Big Bang Theory Valentines Day card (or indeed a card for many different occasions). I can’t get enough of it!


Obama’s Elf (from the festive archives)

11 Dec

The Pope’s getting fucking fiddly

12 Sep

The Pope Song

Nice song to welcome the Pope to the UK! I don’t think Tim Minchin is a particularly large fan of him though! Not sure what gave me that idea?..

The nuns at my convent school would be soooooo proud of me posting this – OK so clearly that is not true they would want me to burn in hell. I’ll take my chances.

Being a Dickhead’s Cool

10 Sep

Thanks to Niall for sending me this – but OUCH a bit close to the bone! AMAZING tribute to the Nathan Barley’s of 2010 (and most of my office) – absolutely spot on observation. Anyway got to go “new age fun with a vintage feel” to be had or I might just host a “vegan crumb night”. Follow makers of  the video here.

Lyrical tattoos

18 Jul

I found out about this Flickr pool of lyrical tattoos when I was asked to add a picture of my tattoo – have to say I was really flattered. What makes this collection stand out is that all the tattoos are all really beautifully photographed too (for a start I know mine was done in the middle of a shoot for Vauxhall when both the photographer and I were loosing the will to live with the ‘subject’ we were meant to be working with). I love this post in a self indulgent was too as I have already decided the exact wording for my next tattoo, and it’s a lyrical one too!..

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