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Guardian’s Three Little Pigs

12 Mar

This advert for the Guardian’s open journalism is a seriously clever piece of writing & advertising. Screened for the first time on 29 February 2012, it imagines how we might cover the story of the three little pigs in print and online. Follow the story from the paper’s front page headline, through a social media discussion and finally to an unexpected conclusion.

My favourite part? The fake tweet “keep your chin chin chins up fellas”…

Slack blogging biatch

12 Apr

Sorry I have been soooooooo busy no time for posts today – the Such Tweet Sorrow project (yes the one with the tweeting balcony) has gone fucking nuts in terms of press / coverage. It was also a trending Twitter topic which ROCKS!

So nuts I forgot I was offered a seat on the train this morning by a women this morning who thought I was pregnant. She was trying to be kind, but I hate her and the mars bars that tempt me daily.

Anyway all in all I feel like this dog below to be honest (leave it):

Innercircle Marmite release

31 Jan

OK so we all witnessed a major blogger FAIL when I posted shit loads of Marmite content onto this blog. Anyway on the same subject… as an inner circle member of the Marmarati I got my new XO on Friday and here it is!

And yes I know the video is not a shining example of creativity but I only had five minutes…

I am a fucking awesome social media guru

7 Oct

Check out how you can make your own on Xtranormal – there goes my afternoon.

Twitter Cupcakes

14 Jun







Lego Twitter

28 Apr


Check out Dirk at Herd – if you love your social media this is the place to go. Incidentally he does not have a twitter tattoo.


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