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Skull bento

26 Sep

Time to liven up those packed lunches for Halloween – click on image for source / read more.




















Anatomical shoes

13 Sep

Pray silence please for the amazing anatomical shoes of Kermit Tesoro – and yes you can buy online 😀 







Death to Topman

5 Mar

This is the first time I have ever had a nice thing to say about Topman – but I have to say that this t-shirt is pretty awesome.




Wondrous macabre goodies

30 Jan

DL & Co describe themselves as “Modern Alchemists and Purveyors of Curious Goods” – all I can think is thank god they don’t have a store in the UK or I would spend an absolute fortune. As it is I may have in indulge in one of the skull candles via mail order…

Mini skull candles

Goat Leg Candle Column

Silver Thorn Apple Candle

Skull Candle

Pandoras Box

Fowl play writing set

Rotten luck note cards

Owl candle snuffer


Refillable crystal lighter

Sugar Skull Make Up

15 Jan

In brief: Day of the Dead is celebrated mainly in Mexico focuses on gatherings of family and friends to pray for and remember friends and family members who have died. As as offering astonishing sugar skulls are created all of which have inspired these 1o amazing make up looks:

Panda on a tricycle – tattoo

4 Dec

The art of Scotty Munster certainly is different – I can imagine it’s what you would see if you took mushrooms then looked at a more normal tattoo… Still can’t get me head around panda on a tricycle tattoo mind you!







Burning skulls

21 Nov

OK so I have seen many skull candles (including the luke warm ones from All Saints)) but these from Moleta Munro x Koff are AMAZING! OK so given £48 for a candle is soooooooo expensive but when the look this good it is very tempting. This is massively on my Christmas list I can tell you – pleeeeeeease can someone get it for me 😉

Too often its true beauty is over looked we see only death, but this situation is changing with the increase in our interest in the natural world, the embracing of museums, and appreciation of design all contribute to a new aesthetic.

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