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Skull Bag (reshare)

5 Aug

My brain always connects images in really long random chains which might explain why I am posting this immediately following The Stolen Girlfriends Club skull print post. I have been shouting about this bag for ages so if you follow me on Twitter (@miss_cakehead) or Instagram (miss_cakehead) then you would have seen it already (apologies)… However, something as glorious as this bag (which I am on the list for = yipeeeee) deserves it’s own blog post too.

So as it turns our Brian Griffin is a bit of a leather genius when it comes to creating life sized skull bags. Out of all the designs I have to say the Ox Blood all leather is my favourite. It’s a lot more subtle (well as subtle as this bag can be) and (imho) becomes too ‘\m/’ with the chain handles.

Stolen Girlfriends Club Anatomical Vibe

4 Aug


With Eat Your Heart Out this year being 100% anatomically themed I have started checking out some pretty awesome anatomically designed fashion online. Anatomical fashion being one of those things which is really hard to carry off and generally I find it to be too A Level art student in vibe. It’s even harder to buy, with the only stand out pieces I want to wear being out of reach expensive items such as the spine heels from D Squared, almost everything Kemit Tesero designs or the incredible John Gaultier skeleton corset.

Anyway on one of my recent Pinterest x Google image search quests I discovered Secret Girlfriends Club whose recent anatomical fashions are spot on. Let’s not kid ourselves that it IS expensive but in relation to they Gaultier corset it’s positively Primark prices. I have shared one of my favourites from their collection below.






PS: I love the skull print – does anyone know if the fabric designer / artist is in house?

Walnut Brains

25 Mar

Love these – thanks to @izzi01 for tweeting me the link.

Skull Teapots

13 Feb

Bit of a skull teapot round up – I am trying to find one at the moment so it seemed rude not to share my search results so far! If I sell a kidney and both the cats I could just about afford the Trevor Jackson one (which I both want & need in my life)!

Trevor Jackson

Trevor Jackson jaw bone ashtray $200

via The Exploration







Richard Notkin



Dennis Shields



Carved Pet Skulls

15 Jan

Unique service from EatonNott who also do the most incredible clothes (which I am about to blog next):

We are very proud to be able to offer our customers a very special all inclusive discreet service, respectfully immortalising their beloved animals and pets on passing, either as a mounted skeleton or carved skull.

Tiptoe’s Bed of Skulls

17 Dec

The guys at Street Anatomy say Tiptoe is one of their favourite street artists and I thoroughly agree.



Skull T Shirt

27 Oct

Truly Madly Deeply have totally come up trumps with this skull tshirt – here I am ‘modelling’ my 2011 Halloween outfit! You can but it at Urban Outfitters or get a pair of scissors and ex boyfriend’s t shirt and do your own!



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