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Stolen Girlfriends Club Anatomical Vibe

4 Aug


With Eat Your Heart Out this year being 100% anatomically themed I have started checking out some pretty awesome anatomically designed fashion online. Anatomical fashion being one of those things which is really hard to carry off and generally I find it to be too A Level art student in vibe. It’s even harder to buy, with the only stand out pieces I want to wear being out of reach expensive items such as the spine heels from D Squared, almost everything Kemit Tesero designs or the incredible John Gaultier skeleton corset.

Anyway on one of my recent Pinterest x Google image search quests I discovered Secret Girlfriends Club whose recent anatomical fashions are spot on. Let’s not kid ourselves that it IS expensive but in relation to they Gaultier corset it’s positively Primark prices. I have shared one of my favourites from their collection below.






PS: I love the skull print – does anyone know if the fabric designer / artist is in house?

Penis Skeleton

30 Dec

OK I have NO idea about the background to these pieces (and very annoyingly can’t seem to crack the online Japanese website convertor) so I’ll just stare in wonder at these….

Santa skeletons

19 Dec

The classic Santa skeleton…

Flower skeletons

21 Sep


Jesus these are TERRIFYING. who would have thought adding flowers to something could make it a million times more scary?

My name is Cedric Laquieze welcome to my blog! i’ve been a sculptor fascinated with creatures as far as i can remember,i’ve done many exhibitions in the past in Paris Belgium, Italy, Germany and of course Holland. I Graduated from the Rietveld academy last year where i met many people with the same fascination for organic materials and esthetic shapes. I would like to use this opportunity to share my fairies flower creatures and goddesses with the rest of you.









Dem Bones – Lennon Sister Skeletons

22 May

Great post at Dangerous Minds – it’s TERRIFYING!

If you are of a certain age (cough, hack) then you probably remember the lovely singing Lennon Sisters from The Lawrence Welk Show.

Here, in a somewhat of a departure from their normal shiny happy shtick—this is like the Residents meet Donnie & Marie—the sisters perform in skeleton drag on a 1965 pre-Halloween episode. Watch in amazement as Kathy, Peggy and Janet—along with little sisters Mimi and Annie—do a spooky rendition of “Dem Bones.”


12 Feb

This stuff is INCREDIBLE – Paperboy is a kick arse selection of wallpapers for children – and more specifically boys. How good is this stuff?

(Miss C disclaimer: the comments have gone nuts so can I point out that the “specifically boys” comment comes from Paperboy not me – and I have now added girls as  tag too. Got to rush I have cooking and ironing to do…)

This really is wallpaper for a boy of any age with a sense of humour and an enjoyment of the scary or an attraction to the horrid. Here is the dya-think-e-saurus range:

And here is handmade:

Skeleton gardens

8 Nov

I LOVE this Olaf Breuning Skeletons installation (2002) – found in the garden of  Villa Medici, Rome, Italy.












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