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Illustrated War Horse Review

10 Jan

One of the best ways of reviewing a film I have ever seen – great work from Lisa Hanawait over at The Hairpin. Found via following @olivia_solon.














Great Panto Review

6 Nov

I wanted to let you know about a campaign called the Great Panto Review which will be running in December – I found about it whilst working on Robinsons yesterday. The top UK parent bloggers are going to review pantos across the country 9after getting tickets from the theaters) . In return people donate funds to the NACCPO (a children’s cancer charity). Although of course you don’t have to donate for a specific reason.

Lest we forget one of the joys of panto is the variety of entertainment…

Mothering art

5 Sep


This is displayed where I was working last week – I have to say this art makes more sense now I can view it in context – rather than just whilst eating a rather tasty pumpkin pasta for lunch having been given no formal introductions…


It’s Creative Review’s very own graduate show, featuring work from the six creative talents profiled in the current issue, has just opened at the Mother agency in London. The show is open to the public from 2pm until 5pm on weekdays until next Thursday, 10 September. The work is displayed in the foyer of Mother – in their appropriately named Downstairs at Mother space.



Giant balloon heads

27 Aug


Joel Trussell combines giant balloon heads and roller disco to brilliant effect in his new promo for Love Long Distance by The Gossip. It’s brilliant and very on trend with the roller skating action.

(via creative review)

Absolut Gimp

14 Aug

absolut_rock_edition_0Sadly it is not really called gimp. In fact this is the new limited edition Absolut – the “Rock Edition” which will launch in Selfridges (LDN) on 1 September before rolling out to to supermarkets. This comes via the Creative Review blog, and I was surprised to see that their offices has those really horrible blue chairs that seem to come as standard in every office. I was expecting a sea of Robin Day and Eames designs.


It’s launch in Berlin with a concert and photography exhibition which seems rather cool.



Flickr Editing

16 Jun

Found this a really interesting story today and I LOVE it. For a start all 4,816 frames that made the final cut have been uploaded to Flickr, thus allowing people to re-edit the sequence as they see fit. GENIUS

David Wilson directed impressive video for We Have Band, but what makes this promo particularly unusual is that it was conceived by an advertising agency (read more below pictures / video).





Wieden + Kennedy London planning director Martin Cole knows the band, and the agency pitched to them to create the video for their second single. The final video was conceived by W+K creatives Fabian Berglund and Ida Gronblom. The promo was quite an undertaking for Wilson, taking three days to shoot and requiring over 6,000 frames of footage. As the film sees the band’s faces animated with facepaints, it also required a certain level of patience on their part, as they had to lie flat and still for hours on end.

Thanks to Creative Review for another great post on their blog. You guys ROCK!

Michael Jackson Is Clever

4 Jun

This is soooooo clever…

Michael Jackson pulled out of a gig at the very last moment in America – refunding each ticket holder by sending them a personal cheque which he wrote. Of course only a very small percentage were cashed. GENIUS! I would try it with the gas company but I don’t think anyone in the World would care who I am.

PS: Talk about killing with kindness, see below for sickly sweet letter (wrinkled nose too much face)…

Letter from Michael Jackson to fans around the world

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