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Gourmet of Yesterday

28 Mar

Some pictures from Gourmet of Yesterday – a collection images taken from food archive reels, and one way British Pathe tries to encourage people to explore it’s online archive. I think it works brilliantly and see myself becoming addicted to this site pretty darn quickly.

Radishes On Ice London Playboy Mansion

Lobster Mobster from trainee military chefs

Avacado Pears

70’s Lounging

17 Feb

Moving in 10 days (whoop) to an amazing 70’s retro-tastic live / work space which I am trying to design it at the moment. As a result I am discovering some amazing 70’s interiors I just had to share. Needless to say I am totally in love with the idea of a conversation pit!

1938 Dating Tips for Single Women

6 Jan

Ah so this is where I have been going wrong – 74 years on I think it would still be wise to follow these tips (especially the clothes one).

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Dog Disco

11 Dec

Terrifying *checks I ate the right type of mushrooms today*

Liver Fondue

12 Nov

Collecting 70’s cook books has become a bit of an obsession with me, fuelled by my adoration for retro food styling. In my local charity shop today I found this astonishing 70’s fondue & table top cookery book. Now I LOVE cheese but some of these recipes would make any sane person go bleargh and I wont be trying them anytime soon. If you are braver than me then please do tell me how your liver / scampi / anchovy fondue experimentation goes…




Flash, bang, wallop what a cupcake

31 Mar

Bloody love this song – why not listen to it whilst you read about the cupcakes this song inspired!

We are going to be selling these “Flash, bang, wallop what a cupcake” at Will & CakeMaiden are already selling them as badges and have kindly given us the images so we can make edible versions too.

Box sets can be ordered in advance (£15 for all 5) – please contact us via Facebook if you are interested as they are going to sell out very quickly!

70’s Porn Posters

23 Mar

via Nerdcore

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