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Vintage Gal

14 Apr

10 reasons below why you really need to check out the Vintage Gal Tumblr by Cat:

Name’s Cat. I’m an L.A. gal who loves everything from classic movie queens to pinups to classic horror. My likes vary a lot. Having said that, I refuse to fit in a box or apologize for being me.











TADO’s Private Panda Club

30 Mar

I LOVE The Private Panda Club  from TADO which opened in Berlin as part of the Pictoplasma Conference. It was a few years ago now but the concept has not weakened over time. The exhibition featured a series of 10 photographs set in a panda-themed gentlemen’s basement bar, the photographs are a collaboration between Tado, Tom Jackson and Kipi Ka Popo.

Visitors to the show were invited to don the panda head and try their own moves on a specially erected panda-pole. How could anyone resist getting involved?













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Carved fruit & veg

4 Mar

Super cool food carving from Manchester based food & drink photographer Ilian.







Satellite Slums

26 Feb

They say a picture is worth 1000 words… (read more)

Global slums can be vastly different in nature. Some are working-class neighborhoods that have been torn up by gang wars like the Petare slum in Venezuela. Others like Dharavi in Mumbai, a mini-city that operates as a recycling hub and has a booming leather industry, are a permanent fixture.


Via the awesome Nerdcore

Monkey Man

24 Feb

TERRIFYING – Emmanuel Perez-Duarte masterfully morphs together his own face and that of a monkey’s for this shot he’s titled “The Origins of Evolution (read more).

No More Wonderland

3 Feb

(Via – warning this site is about gutter culture so features a LOT of borderline images so don’t click if easily offended. That said I do love Flash Glam Trash)

Explosion Photography

25 Jan

This incredible explosion photography from Alan Sailer leaves me slightly lost for words…









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