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Plane Crash Photography

27 Apr

Check out these stunning plane crash pictures from German photographer Dietmar Eckell. The concept for his ‘Happy Endings’ project was to visit plane crash sites – where all passengers survived – and photograph the planes that  years on still remain. Eckell is crowd funding via Indiegogo to raise money to self-publish a photo-book. With images such as this it’s not a suprise he has already raised twice the amount he needed (via Shortlist).

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Festival of Colours

4 Aug

Talented photographer Thomas Hawk has uploaded an incredible Flickr set of the Utah Festival of Colours 2012 (via Nerdcore).

Earth Laughs in Flowers

7 Feb

Loved this post over at Design Boom:

american photographer david lachapelle has created ‘earth laughs in flowers’, a series consisting of the ten large-scale
still life photographs. fred torres collaborations will exhibit the entire series for the first time in the united states.

lachapelle’s installation explores the fragility of society and ideas of vice and vanity through composing his images in  a manner typical to that of baroque still life painting. deviating from the inclusion of solely fruit, flowers and sculls, the artist evokes a contemporary sensibility through his use of items such as pre-packaged foods, mobile phones, medicine, balloons, and barbie dolls. rather than being constructed in an especially balanced composition, lachapelle’s massive painterly-like photographs
are intentionally chaotic, engaging the viewer as he/she attempt to reconcile the overwhelming canvas.

19th Century Food Styling

4 May

The work of still life photographer Sharon Core is inspired by 19th century painter Raphaelle – it’s such a clever clever concept it blows me away! Read more & source…

Brian Vu

14 Mar

There is something about the work artist and photographer Brian Vu that really appeals to me – maybe the simplicity? Or maybe the way he describes himself had me totally sold? Read / see more at Life Lounge…

An offbeat weirdo from Southern California. A guy who is always thinking visually and obsessed with design in all aspects. Likes sea salt coffee, hanging out with his corgi, and being awake after midnight to catch Nick at Nite.

Elizaveta Porodina

16 Feb

Amazing gallery of images from Elizaveta Porodina over at Life Lounge:

Book of Perverts

19 Dec


You could say Nick Sushkevich was a bit of a pervert – fair point considering his latest project, Book of Perverts. Treading the NSFW (though everything is safe for my work) sticky line between soft porn and erotic fashion imagery – it’s wrong but it works for me (source):




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