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Best Party Ever – Bob Dylan for 2 year olds

9 Mar

They had me at mini wrist bands. Without question this has got to be the best ever children’s party… (via Nerdcore)

The moment Holden picked up his ukulele and stuck a harmonica in his mouth, we knew we had a tiny Bob Dylan on our hands. Naturally, the next logical step was to convert our building lounge into a rock club for his 2nd birthday party!

Holden’s favorite music teacher, John Carlin of The Kids Music Underground, was coming to perform so we created a kid-friendly stage area complete with theater curtain, custom music-themed posters (including our own version of Milton Glaser’s famous Dylan illustration), prop guitars and a Fender amp. Club-goers were given “admit one, age two” wristbands upon entering the party, and VIP family wore laminated all-access passes. The Dylan poster art appeared again on yet another cake crafted by the talented crew at Betty Bakery, and Holden’s lil rockstar buddies left the show with branded harmonicas as favors.

Cake Party Hats

1 Jan

If It’s Hip It’s Here have done a great New Year round up of party hats in art. Will Cotton is my favourite of course >>

Dinner party chic

14 Dec

Animal pumpkin park

29 Oct

OK so my dark and twisted Halloween blogging vibe has been totally destroyed by these animals of a pumpkin party at Howletts Wild Animal Park.

ele with pumpkin2small


Ele with pumpkin1smal


Tiger with pumpkin1small


Tiger with pumpkin2small

Underwater tea parties

22 Sep

Erich Morton e-mailed these two GORGEOUS pictures of underwater tea parties today – more than happy to share these beauties with the world. You can visit his photo blog here.



Panda party

20 Sep

Oh I love him…


Food Party

11 Jul


This is why some higher deity gave us You Tube! Thu Tran’s TV series, Food Party, is just nuts, so truly terrible it becomes a work of art.

Shown on the Independent Film Channel (IFC) in the US it’s the most original cooking show on television, probably because it’s not just about the cooking. It also features characters (including E.P.S. (Especially Psychic Spud), his cousin E.S.P (Especially Special Potato), Ice Cream Cone, and the Devil). This is what the UK needs.


It really does offer an insight into the finer points of cookery with lines such as “I really love eggs. Eggs are very wonderful and versatile.” So what is it like? Imagine watching a Fraggle Rock version of master chef whilst enjoying weapons grade narcotics and your close. This episode, or Applesode synopsis says it all.

After running out of apples for her apple-stuffed, caramel-coated pork chop recipe, Thu invites Johnny Appleseed over for an apple party. Against Johnny’s advice, Thu travels to Mount Avocado to search for the mystical “White Tiger” apple and battles a Viking heavy metal band along the way.



Read more here.

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