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Pantone Tarts

19 Mar

I have wanted to do a Pantone related food event / cake shop for years so sulking slightly that artist  has already done it, and done it so brilliantly for Fricote Magazine (via The Trendy Girl).








Pantone Christmas

20 Oct

I hate myself for liking these!


Pantone Cookies

25 Jan

A graphic designer made these for her clients – major creativity envy kicking in from me:

Pantone in the kitchen

21 Sep


Confession time – I bought some of the new Typhoon / Pantone kitchen range today from Heal’s and now fear I will be judged as a Dajve Bikinus design type. I just think they are really well designed – oh yes pepper grinders, chopping boards, oven gloves and ‘friends’ are now available as well as the mugs. Good times.




Pantone Swatch?

8 Sep

PANTONE Swatch watches? Yes please, and cat collars too…


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