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Wizard of Google

12 Aug

Nice Google icon (.co.uk) today for the Wizard of Oz’s 71st Birthday – ding dong the witch it dead and all that:

Here are some nice behind the scenes pictures whilst I am here…

Bitchcraft – not entirely SFW

5 Aug


My first ever post which is not entirely SFW. With play on words such as ‘Bitchcraft’ and ‘Sextology’ I just had to write it up – brilliant use of nipples demonstrating the 12 signs of the Zodiac for the latter. Culturally I find the concept of Devilish Magazines fascinating, and was really pleased when Bizarre Magazine did a piece on it from which this is taken;

In the early sixties a few adult magazines picked up on a popular cultural craze – satanism. In 1966 Anton Szander LaVey inaugurated the Church of Satan in San Francisco and not long after, he could be found all over the national media, in such places as the girlie and nudist mags, as well as sleazy tabloids in which he eventually wrote an advice column called ‘Letters from the Devil’.

The later sixties and early seventies saw a rise of interest in the occult, paganism and witchcraft, and publishers in both Britain and America released magazine series’ – Man, Myth and Magic and in the UK, Gresham published a monthly magazine called Witchcraft in the early seventies. In the US, adult slicks and magazines used these same themes for some of their articles and photo layouts.

Personally I find the inexplicable cover of Ding Dong The Witch is dead by the Del Rubio triplets more offensive than any porn. Remember this is a serious record / video and they are not taking the piss. Magazine covers first then video.








I’m also going to use this post as a excuse to share the original Wizard of Oz trailer – it’s bloody brilliant and an iconic moment.

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