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Underground Tube Tent

29 Jul

Great PR here from Firebox with the timing of their Tube Tent – one of those products it would be worth stocking for the online traffic driving alone. This approach is something they do a fair bit with POA products such as Project Utopia and the bullshit of the million pound pens. It’s £1999 but you can fit 72 people in it, and I guess it would be pretty easy to spot in that festival field.


If you click through you’ll see they have lots of other great tents such as the watermelon one – however for sheer ability to find in a festival the Titanic tent is my absolute favourite, but at almost £8,000 I can dream right?.. Only concept images are available to date and it also comes with Iceberg tents (amazing right). I have always said great concepts start with a brilliant name.

Monsterism Musings

12 Nov

Pete Fowler has released a second series of original watercolours which are more of less pretty much sold out – if you are a fan of this work there are a few left you can get your art loving hands on… Buy them here and make yourself, or someone else, very happy! 


Lonely Rock






Owl Watcher


Crow Spell







Sleep Mask






Surf Synth


Sword In The Synth



Figurehead 1

Owlman (& other original friends)

8 Nov

The last series sold out in two hours so here is a heads up for all my lovely readers that the latest series of original Pete Fowler watercolours goes on sale tomorrow. Time zone friendly in response to popular demand some pieces will be released for sale first thing tomorrow, and some will be released at the end of the day.

Some of my three favorites are below and you can review them all, plus find the sale link, on his Facebook page.

Owlman 13 x 15 cm £150

A Haunting at Sea 13 x 14 cm £120

Dad's Jam 18 x 27 cm £160

Getting To Kernow You

26 Oct

Pete Fowler’s original landscapes of the Cornish Coastline go on sale this Friday at 0900. I want them ALL!!! They are being sold via his online store; the last watercolors were sold out in under an hour so if you want one my advice is to move fast. Join the Facebook group to keep an eye on all things Monsterist!


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Monsterous Watercolours

25 Oct

Love these original one of a kind Pete Fowler watercolours – they are flying out of the shop so if you click through and they have sold then sorry about that!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

PS: I am totally in love with the one I got given today! 😀

Salvador Dali Tarot Cards

1 Mar

There is a Dali show coming to London from the Modern Masters Gallery next month, and I have never ever wanted to have a spare £44,000 more in my life (ideally five lots of £44,000) to purchase these Salvador Dali Tarot Cards which are AMAZING.

Dali was fascinated by the subconscious and the occult and hence he was drawn to the Tarot Cards theme, designing a full set of Tarot Cards five pieces of which are to be sold by the gallery. These are very rare original artworks, created by Dali in a mixed medium of collage, gouache and watercolour on board, with each piece signed by Dali himself £44,000 + vat each sounds very reasonable but devastatingly totally unaffordable for me.

Blue Monday (original video)

17 Jan

I am in shock someone who is actually alive (& I know) had not heard this record – when i think of Blue Monday I think of this. Here is the original video from 1983 (ouch):

True Grit hits London

22 Dec

With all the titting about due to snow of late it’s clear that London needs some True Grit on many levels, including the obvious play on words. It is unknown if that is the inspiration for this batch of John Wayne paste ups which have appeared over London, along with the words “what would JW do” on the gun. Maybe a John Wayne hardcore fan is just on a mission to remind us of the masterful original True Grit ahead of the remake out soon… (more images here)

Dr. Seuss Taxidermy

10 Oct

I have posted many many taxidermy posts but without question this is my absolute favorite by at least a million miles – original Dr. Seuss creations from a sculpture series titled “The School of Unorthodox Taxidermy”. For sale on eBay (!!!), get involved if you have £1,000,000 (via Urban Outfitters blog).






Original Pac Man designs

18 Jul

Found over at the Yo, What’s Kicking blog were some amazing original wireframes for the seminal arcade game – it just makes me want to know so much more….

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