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A Bouquet of Fuck-Me-Nots (SFW)

17 Apr

A Bouquet of Fuck–me–nots – best music design award ever. For The Manifest (Swedish Independent Music Awards) prize, designed by Max Magnus Norman who comments on his blog:

The prize symbolizes the kick ass- and fuck off mentality which is necessary in order to succeed as an independent artist. An intimation that one has to override rules and borders in order to create new paths.



manifeststatyetten-2 manifeststatyetter


Slayer Christmas Jumper!!!

23 Nov

Now this is AMAZING – gutted it has sold out already though! Even better is’s official merch 🙂

Lego rolls out the barrel

23 Apr


Lego agencies continue to push creative boundaries not just products. To promote the 3D version of Star Wars: Episode One – The Phantom Menace, a barrel made of 20,000 Lego pieces was built and showcased around German theatres. When rotating the barrel played the film’s signature theme tune:

“the barrel was constructed by pro Lego builders Rene Hoffmeister and Axel Al-Rubaie, and features well-known locations from the series, including the Death Star, Tatooine, and Endor”

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Everything Counts – DILF Cover

29 Jan

I LOVE Depeche Mode (esp. Martin Gore) so this video of a DILF covering Depeche Mode’s Everything Counts with his two children is perfect Sunday morning watching. The little boy is AMAZING…

Dicken feat. Milah & Korben: “Everything Counts” ROCKS!

And the real thing…

Hip Hop Horsey

15 Nov

This Hop Hop Horsey video below is incredible on so many levels – I appear to have discovered of a new corner of the internet where people simply replace music on videos of dressage performances (via).



18 Sep

Lovely Rene from Nerdcore sent me a link to this Iceage (awesome Danish band) video  saying, and I quote, “like The Futureheads but new”.

I was like yeah yeah yeah but in fact I can actually see where he is coming from although clearly no one can ever measure up to the beautiful North Eastern tones of The Futureheads and my wonderful friends the ever wondrous Barry, Jaff, Ross & Dave.

PS: They also answered my question on who the fuck still uses My Space 😉

Masterchef Rave Tune – AMAZING must watch!

1 Jul

Editing does not get tougher than this… (thanks James)

So all together now “I like the base, base, base, base I like the buttery biscuit base’

Top 10 Masterchef Innuendos

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