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EYHO 2012 – Official Photography

8 Oct

The EYHO 2012 images from Nathan Pask are ready, hope you like them?! Nathan’s strong and unique approach to food photography – he comes from a mainly fashion photography background – have always been a major part of the EYHO brand success which is why I am delighted we managed to get these shots despite lack of a sponsor. HUGE thanks for the whole team in believing in my strange vision and helping me make this possible.

Photographer: Nathan Pask
Photo assistants: Andras Bartok, George Newton
Wardrobe Stylist: Katie Antoniou
Stylist assistant: Lucy Nicholls
Make-up Artist: Emma Alexandra Watts
Hair Stylist: Holly Rudge
Models: Miss Cakehead, Emily Evans, Carla Valentine
With thanks to Steph at SNAP Studios.

Body by Simon Preen, leggings from Black Milk, wig from Annabel’s Wigs

Skull by Two Little Cats Bakery

Hooded top by Rachel Freire, swim suit from Black Milk, brain from Conjurer’s Kitchen

Hooded top by Rachel Freire, marshmallow brain from Conjurer’s Kitchen

Clothes from Rachel Freire, hat by George Jenkins

Body by Simon Preen, leggings from Black Milk, hair from Annabel’s Wigs

Wesker & Son – Resident Evil’s Human Butchery

28 Sep

Hello I’m back!!!

One of the reasons I took a break from blogging was I had lots of work on, so posting about one of those very projects which took me away from the site in the first place seems a great place to kick things off again…

Essentially I was briefed directly by Capcom to come up with a concept to launch Resident Evil 6 in the UK and the ‘Human Butchery’ was born. I looked after the creative execution & event planning, working with PR agency Full Fat in executing the PR side of the campaign. What I love about being a freelance creative director is you get to do some really really great things, and despite not being a fan of meat (bleargh) I loved every second of it. If I only did campaigns for clients about things I loved then my work would be limited to shoes, cats, dogs and my dear friends The Futureheads so clearly I have to branch out waaaaaaaaay outside my comfort zone!!! More updates to come on other aspects of the campaign (such as creating murder scenes and screen printing in human blood) but for now I wanted to share images of Wesker & Son itself – a pop up human butchery launching Resident Evil 6, and open to the public on the 28th & 29th September should any of my dear readers wish to buy some tasty human limbs created by the amazing food artist Sharon Baker.

See the Reuters video of the event here.

Beaten & Creamed – cake shop quiz

10 May

The wonderful Andrew Williams (previously at Britsh Baker Magazine) and I are launching a spanking new baking PUBLICATION (not a blog) and want to get it started with a massive dose of brilliance (even if we say so ourselves).

Miss Cakehead and Cakey Muto present Beaten & Creamed: The Cake Shop Quiz

Put your regular pub quiz and its sandsack of prizes on hold for one week, because East London’s Cakey Muto will play host to a unique Cake Shop Quiz at 8pm, Thursday, 7 June 2012. Organised by Miss Cakehead on behalf of Beaten & Creamed – the spanking new baking publication that is coming soon – the event will dish up a selection of delicious treats as well as test your tastebuds and knowledge of baking.

The Golden Afternoon Tea Company will be channeling inspiration for each table from the frankly amazing after party table Miss Cakehead & Nevie Pie produced for The Kerrang! Awards so of course they’ll also be more than your standard beer mat on the table.

Exciting prizes will be on offer and all entrants will be treated to a fabulous Cakey Muto cupcake.

Entry is £2, with maximum teams of four, allocated on a first-come, first-served basis.

Venue: Cakey Muto, 25 Chatsworth Road, London E5 0LH
For further information contact: beatenandcreamed@gmail.com


23 Mar

Next week is a BIG week as we are all set to release a set of concept images for the Edible Beach installation at the Cake & Bake Show. As ALWAYS we used Nathan Pask and wouldn’t have it any other way. Here is a sneak peek of myself below – yep the oyster (& ball gag pearl) is 100% edible, and a creation of Fancy Nancy Cakes. Incredible isn’t it?! Wait until you see all the images next week including Juliet herself with a cookie in her hair…

Bear in mind these are just the concept images – taken both with potential sponsors in mind, and to announce the project (properly) to the press.  The final execution of the beach to be decided when we have them on board… This is going to be so much fun I can NOT wait.

PS: if we can all pretend I look that good without a make up artist and stylist that would be perfect – in my dreams!!!

The Pocket Book of Vagina Cakes!

7 Feb

I have been asked a LOT to do a book on vagina cakes so thought I might as well just go for it – as publishers are too pussy I have decided to fund it myself – I say myself… Crowd sourced funding – buy the book for a bargain £10 and help me make this happen. Have 28 days to go!

2011’s top video posts

22 Dec

Round up of the most viewed video posts on my blog over the past 12 months – enjoy this total time wasting post!!!


Disaster Commercial


9/11 FLip Book


Salvador Dali – What’s My Line


No video post in this month but I do love a good bit of science baking in this case Whoopie Pie Planets


We built this city on Rock & Roll


Get happy with House


Rupert Murdoch V Pie Face


Vegan Black Metal Chef


Glittering Bottom Slapping (borderline SFW)


The Freaks / Tiger Lillies


Windows 95 with Greta (SFW and ridiculously but brilliantly sexist)


Dog Disco

Eating a giant vagina dentata cake like a woman possessed

12 Dec

copyright gtvone

Hmmmm I am really torn.. On one hand I love this behind the scenes action with Nathan Pask shot by GTVONE at the Eat Your Heart Out photo shoot over a year ago. I REALLY LOVE Pete (Fowler) rocking the zombie sailor look in it, and Bompas & Parr in it too of course. But I am also in it a fair bit – eating a giant vagina dentata cake (by Holly & the Icing) like a woman possessed as you do – which I HATE. Anyway it shows off the work of the amazing Nathan Pask so it would be rude not to share – just never ever make me watch it again!!!

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