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Limited edition – Dalston Fried Chicken

29 Nov

Beaten & Creamed – cake shop quiz

10 May

The wonderful Andrew Williams (previously at Britsh Baker Magazine) and I are launching a spanking new baking PUBLICATION (not a blog) and want to get it started with a massive dose of brilliance (even if we say so ourselves).

Miss Cakehead and Cakey Muto present Beaten & Creamed: The Cake Shop Quiz

Put your regular pub quiz and its sandsack of prizes on hold for one week, because East London’s Cakey Muto will play host to a unique Cake Shop Quiz at 8pm, Thursday, 7 June 2012. Organised by Miss Cakehead on behalf of Beaten & Creamed – the spanking new baking publication that is coming soon – the event will dish up a selection of delicious treats as well as test your tastebuds and knowledge of baking.

The Golden Afternoon Tea Company will be channeling inspiration for each table from the frankly amazing after party table Miss Cakehead & Nevie Pie produced for The Kerrang! Awards so of course they’ll also be more than your standard beer mat on the table.

Exciting prizes will be on offer and all entrants will be treated to a fabulous Cakey Muto cupcake.

Entry is £2, with maximum teams of four, allocated on a first-come, first-served basis.

Venue: Cakey Muto, 25 Chatsworth Road, London E5 0LH
For further information contact: beatenandcreamed@gmail.com

Hotel Alcatraz

13 Mar

Today the doors will swing open on what has been billed as possibly London’s Toughest Hotel experience as “Hotel Alcatraz” arrives in Kings Cross, London. The opening of “Hotel Alcatraz” coincides with the launch of J.J. Abrams’ new drama series, Alcatraz (see above), which starts on UKTV’s entertainment channel Watch from today (Tuesday 13 March 2012) at 9.00pm.

As a freelance creative I get to work on some really cool projects, in this case working on the creation of a rather awesome hotel for the lovely Hope & Glory PR and their client Watch / UKTV. The installation built by the unbeatable production team at Helix 3D, it may all look grotty and old but it’s brand new and made to look like that so it recreates the experience.

Watch has created the experience to enable fans of the show to get a better understanding of the lives of prisoners and to bring the show’s characters to life in present-day London.

In order to promote the TV show of the same name an EXACT replica of four cells from Alcatraz was recreated in Kings Cross Field Street, which has now opened as a hotel offering people the chance to stay overnight for free during it’s test opening which is this week only. If you fancy a unique night in London, and the chance to watch a pretty awesome TV show from you cell (a prisoner reward for good behavior) then head to Late Rooms from 1200 today to book your room.

David Shrigley – Hayward & all round awesomeness

5 Feb

Could not more be looking forward to the David Shrigley Brain Activity show at the Hayward Gallery – some of the images below taken from the show’s website. He is such a lovely man too who was beyond generous with his time for The Futureheads, FH10 project to raise funds for St Oswald’s Hospice. For a bargain £50 (+ £7.50 50% postage cost to celebrate this show) a limited edition 1/100 Shrigley print could be yours. Only a few left so get a move on if you fancy one! Anyway check out his Hayward show below = I can not wait!



















4 Jan


In 2012 our overpriced rail fares have been hiked again. Our trains are already the most expensive in Europe. In three years time ticket prices will be 24% more expensive than now, yet passengers continue to be stuck with overcrowded, unreliable trains, with less staff on trains and less staff at stations. This Government is taking us further and further away from the value for money train service we all need.


Spot The Bull cake

11 Dec

You’ve already seen the Skype cakes so now time for my favourite cake of all from the Poke 10 project – Spot the Bull, inspired by the website of the same name. All baking from Nevie-Pie who says I wasn’t “too bossy”.



An entire table was covered in cake with grid letters placed around the edge, much as you would expect from a spot the ball page in a newspaper (delicious rum soaked chocolate cake with crushed oreo cookie dirt and green iced grass). Three toy bulls were hidden in the cake with the lucky party goers getting a bull in their slice winning one of three prizes (bull horns, fake flies or cow pat chocolates).



On top of the amazing cake were some incredibly realistic cookie mushrooms (with popping candy hidden inside), a cow pat (my idea) and a very cute rabbit cookie (Natasha’s idea). When NP wasn’t looking I then also added some fake flies to the cowpat cookie and mushroom. Finally the cake was cut into grids so the square of cake to be eaten could be chosen specifically, and guests did not have to eat the next slice in so to speak.


picture credit The Flippers - http://www.flickr.com/photos/flippers



picture credit The Flippers - http://www.flickr.com/photos/flippers


NOOOOOOOOO!!! (picture credit http://www.flickr.com/photos/onhollieday)



Picture credit - http://www.flickr.com/photos/onhollieday/6481389077/in/set-72157628344133531





Deadmau5 in London

1 Dec

In case you missed it here is Deadmau5 in London, and some top architectural mapping, all brought you to by the lovely people with eye wateringly large marketing & ad budgets (jealous) at Nokia.

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