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King Kong Fashion Is My New Trash

15 Apr

22617 - King Kong Escapes

I am not sure I have the figure to carry off the designs but that does not stop be coveting this range of King Kong inspired fashion by South Africa label Trash.










Star Wars x Black Milk

6 Oct


I can not wait to get some of these leggings from Black Milk.





Blood Splatter Swimsuit

4 Oct

New Black Milk awesomeness has arrived so time for another of my updates. Naturally I dream of being a teenager again when I could have got away with wearing the leg bone suspender leggings! I also love how James has designed the blood splatter – AMAZING! Once again even if you are not based in Australia don’t be put off – posting is super speedy and customer service second to none. Blanket apologies to everyone whose bank account I have just destroyed.












Bloody Black Milk Leggings

6 Jul


It is no secret that I LOVE Black Milk leggings and suffice to say I love these blood splattered leggings a LOT. I came across them researching for the Edible Autopsy photo shoot but I think these bad boys will stay in my wardrobe for a while! I am also thinking they would look good on the autopsy medical team aka waitresses (teamed with Jeffrey Campbell shoes of course). Click through at your own risk (to bank balance) as there are always at least 10 items I feel that I ‘must have’ from the Black Milk Clothing site every time I visit. I also should say that despite living in the UK – and Black Milk being based in Australia – the service is both awesome and speedy. Can’t recommend them enough.



Escher leggings

3 Jan

More awesomeness from Black Milk;



Helvetica leggings

11 Sep

I LOVE my Black Milk – that said these Helvetica leggings are just too “Being a Dickhead’s Cool” for me!

Hairy panties

31 May

Nice… …hairy panties  (not sure why I said panties as I hate that word) from Miss & Lady boutique. I have previously blogged about their chewing gum badges amongst other things, but in terms of strangeness these hairy newish products are right up there at the top.

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