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Harvest Cocker

29 Sep

Surely one of the best ever entries into a local fair, Jarvis Cocker is celebrated in the produce tent at the Lambeth country show. Loving the Pulp detail. I’ll say for the millionth time great concepts can be built around a great name – right who wants to sponsor Cakes On A Plane?

Inside The Banksy Cinema

24 Feb

Awesome images from inside the cinema via Time Out and photographed by Rob Greig.

Banksy presents – The Lambeth Palace

23 Feb

Half of me thinks what a cool cinema – the other half says it’s just arse. Can’t decide enough to pass comment! Decide for yourselves here. That said the interior is really fucking cool.

(UPDATE) Click here for images of the interior – Time Out ROCK!

This is what The Guardian had to say:

Dubbed The Lambeth Palace by its creator, Banksy describes the venue as “London’s newest, darkest and dirtiest purpose-built cinema”, although he does add the caveat that Cineworld Edmonton is not included.

“The Lambeth Palace is a makeshift 150-seat auditorium in a tunnel under Waterloo train station with popcorn stall, lounge bar and stunning temporary toilet facilities,” boasts the blurb.

Showings, which predictably almost immediately sold out, are 6pm and 9.30pm daily until 4 March.

The cinema certainly looks and sounds grim, and those attending previews yesterday seemed to confirm the hype. “Not even the fleapits of the 1970s showing Mary Millington double bills were quite as dank and chilly as this,” writes Geoffrey MacNab in the Independent.

People with tickets – of which there must be very few – are warned that “random bag searches [are] in operation, all spray paint, video cameras and laser pens must be checked in at the box office”.

On the plus side, it would seem bringing your own fizzy drink and crisps is, for once, allowed.

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