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Vintage Gal

14 Apr

10 reasons below why you really need to check out the Vintage Gal Tumblr by Cat:

Name’s Cat. I’m an L.A. gal who loves everything from classic movie queens to pinups to classic horror. My likes vary a lot. Having said that, I refuse to fit in a box or apologize for being me.











Gory porcelin

5 Jan

Ceramicist Jessica Stoller recently caught the eye of the Hifructose blog with her engaging series of porcelain sculptures, a contemporary take on the typically kitschy medium (read more)

[sorry for lazy blogging suffering from some horrible cold fluey festive bug thing]









Mark Owen sings to toddlers

16 Dec

It’s not just me right?




image via Kitschy Living

House Dress

18 Nov

via Kitschy Living

Chocolate Scotch Egg – Easter repost

1 Apr

Nothing celebrates the resurrection of the Lord Jesus like a ball of fake sausage meat. As amazing as it is, I can live without this chocolate scotch egg in my life – the egg white is vanilla ganache, the yolk is passion fruit ganache, the pork is chocolate marshmallow with puffed rice, and the breadcrumbs are grated chocolate (via Esquire). I want to try one really badly, but I also don’t want to fork out £14.99 on it just in case…

It is part of Kitsch Me If You Can, a new range of eccentric Easter eggs from Artisan Du Chocolat. Well it is different. My personal pick is the flocked chocolate bunny – the rabbit looks really stoned. But who wants to each flock – it would be like a chocolate peach!!!

Skull Disco

3 Jan

They are called Disco Inferno – it was love at first sight for Cakehead and these pieces from Christoph Steinmeyer.


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