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Edible Rings

15 Nov

The incredible EYHO baker Miss Insomnia Tulip created these 100% edible rings from for QVC (commissioned by Mischief PR). Bloody amazing aren’t they?


Dog Knuckle Duster

30 Apr

Words can no describe how much I love this Dog Knuckle Duster (via the brilliant Flash Glam Trash)

In fact I have to say I feel a little in lust with most of the collection from Eleanor Bolton which included the pieces below;

Crying rabbits from Hairy Sock

16 Nov

Ooooo another day another gem over at Culture Label – in this case the discovery of Hairy Sock and some genuinely different jewelry such as these picks below:





Face distorting jewelry

7 Aug

I don’t like this, OK I really don’t like this, but you have to admit it’s really unique. From Turkish designer Burcu Büyükünal this is jewelry designed to distort the face when worn…

Via The Trendy Girl

Vamping it up

29 May

OOoooo Verameat are my kind of jewelry designers – clearly I am particularly taken with the ‘Vamp’ collection shown below:

Want to totally rock the vampire look? The video below explains what to do:

Gum rings

22 Mar

Artist Sophie Giavella offers all kinds of candy and jewelry creation workshops – such as creating rings out of chewed gum. ‘Confectionary’ in design is no new thing but the workships is taking it on step further and really appeals (via The Trendy Girl).

Jeremy Kyle-esque Models

1 Mar

Love the models for the latest CRA$h collection of jewelry by Super Fertile – as Lost At E Minor said it is a:

wonderfully blunt statement on the current state of capitalism. The accompanying catalogue photos are devastating, with various, mainly working-class people, on the street modeling the bling.

REALLY worth downloading the full PDF from the site above! 🙂

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