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Dance of the Dead

13 Oct

Members of theater company StrangeWorks will lead this Halloween procession from Hoxton Square, N1, up the Kingsland Road to Gillet Square, E8. Meet in Hoxton Square. The dress code is: black, white and red. Get learning the dance & bring it oooooooooooon!!!!

Being a Dickhead’s Cool

10 Sep

Thanks to Niall for sending me this – but OUCH a bit close to the bone! AMAZING tribute to the Nathan Barley’s of 2010 (and most of my office) – absolutely spot on observation. Anyway got to go “new age fun with a vintage feel” to be had or I might just host a “vegan crumb night”. Follow makers of  the video here.

Good Wives & Warriors – Hoxton

23 Feb

A really awesome piece from Goodwives & Warriors at the Queen of Hoxton – this art is part of their birthday celebrations next week (I am SO going to be there). Expect more postings along this same theme. Oh and I should declare this is kind of work related… but I do genuinely like it 😉

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