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Sugar Cube House

23 Dec

Keep cocking up your gingerbread – pretend you are a first year architect student and try this sugar cube house!


House Dress

18 Nov

via Kitschy Living

Get Happy With House

27 Jun

I have said it before and I will say it again – I so would do Hugh Laurie especially after seeing this strange messed up brilliance! Thanks to @bacon_jam_blog for tweeting me this when I was in need of a cheer up 🙂

Pixar Inspired House

7 Mar

The US TV Series, How Hard Can it Be?, built this house inspired by the Pixar movie Up. I love this so much, and having found out it takes five balloons to float a meringue I am totally in awe of it too (via Notcot).



Does it remind anyone else of this scene from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang:


Alternative gingerbread houses (festive food archive)

12 Dec


11 Nov

Olek is a Polish-born artist who has chosen to “crochet everything that enters her space” (via who killed bambi).



House sings Thriller

31 Oct

AWESOME post found over at Neatorama – it starts off really good then looses it a tiny bit…

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