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Chocolate Museum Fossils & Incredible Edible Art

6 Jun

1.T Rex teeth.chocolate

So excited to be blogging again (!!!) and what better way to start than by sharing the work of  an incredible food artist and fine artist Sarah Hardy. If I tell you she gained her skills in in wax-work museums, and as a internationally recognised fine artist, you can guess the quality of the edible fossil pieces Essex based Sarah accurately reproduces in the finest dark, milk & white Belgium Chocolate.


1.Fossil Collectors Box-chocolate

1.Sarah making chocs

These incredible museum quality edible fossils are created with intricate casting and hand-painted detail – creating ultimate collectors items not novelty chocolate. With the largest fossil – the Megalodon Tooth – weighing in at 120g and a whopping 14cm long. 2 hours are spent hand finishing each one to the finest detail with a 11cm long T Rex Tooth and collectors box of 16 separate fossils also in the collection.

1.Fossil Production
1.Fossil Collectors Box-chocolate


IT GETS EVEN BETTER…  Sarah has even created edible decapitated human heads from cake for international film companies and even a raw turkey cake which went on to be an online viral hit, food artist. Now she (& I) are dreaming of the day she gets to create a life sized T Rex Skull in chocolate.

A gallery of some more of her work is below – remember that all of the below are cakes or in the case of the anatomical heart chocolate…

pheasant landscape1
maggot therapy
Conch Cake - Tate & Lyle
Raw Turkey Cake 1
severed head
1.Heart with scalpel -chocolate
A.portrait with pheasant

Hitchcock’s Head

11 Apr

Alfred Hitchcock’s wife, Alma Reville, poses lovingly with a refrigerated prop head of her dear husband. Photo by by Philippe Halsman.

(via Dangerous Minds)

This cake makes me sick

9 Jan

Delighted to say I am currently speaking to Barbara Jo about the team working with her for EYHO 2011, and of course the edible autopsy. She just sent me the link for her melting death head cake. Excuse me whilst I am sick into a bin as this is awesome but too gory for me at the same time!!! Vagina cakes I can do, melting flesh not so much!

Bride of Zombiefest was also the perfect opportunity for me to make a cake that has been percolating in my head for a while now. The idea was a severed head cake, served up on a silver platter with an attractive array of garnishes, with flesh that would melt off over the course of the party, revealing the grinning skull underneath.

Clown death heads

7 Dec

Death head clown cakes anyone? Oh you got one… well my lips are sealed until you tomorrow. If none of this makes any sense to you then simply enjoy these beasts below from Curly Sue Cakes. Comes in 3 deaths: beaten, burnt and shot… to find out more you’ll need @cmfather


Beaten Up Clown Death Head Cake




Burnt Clown Death Head Cake





Shot Clown Death Head Cake




Meat Head

11 Oct

I really really wish I could remember where I found this disgusting gem of a meat head:

David A Smith & Simon Smith #MATP

25 Aug

This is the last preview your having of MATP – not least as I have an exhibition to pull together in oh 2o hours! I think this piece is an AMAZING edible feat, and feel very lucky to have such great talent in the show. Hats off to David A Smith & Simon Smith for this beast:

David A. Smith and Simon Smith


Taking inspiration from animals of the FAIRground Carousel, artist David A. Smith and Chef Simon Smith create the captured bust of a Carousel Deer. Reflecting the use of David’s Deer forms, Simon’s exceptional talent brings the creature to life in the sweetest way possible using Tate & Lyle FAIRtrade sugar.

Bird is the word

15 Aug

Ooooooo love this really unusual technique..

Does the blog post title remind anyone else of this?

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