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Amy Winehouse Tribute Graffiti

21 Dec

I really really don’t like this tribute graffiti (on many different levels) but wanted to post to see what others think. I can’t see any of Amy in it at all really – could it be just a loose hook to everyone talking about this piece of work?

(via The Trendy Girl)

In memory of the goddess of the soul Amy Winehouse , artists and graffiti artists Dem189, Lek, and Seth Swiz conducted a fresco in his own image on a wall Ménilmontant district in Paris. Called “French Kiss” is well recognized in some distinctive illustrations of singer, his passion for music but also his demons as she tried to drive out of his wits. RIP Amy.


21 Dec

It would be wrong to say until yesterday I had not seen INSA’s work. In fact when working on Shoreditch I saw his pieces on an almost daily basis. However, it would be right to say I have not seen pieces of his I like, or which inspired me to find out more. I don’t like his trademark patterns. With the ‘boob grabbing’ graffiti having got me past this mental block however I LOVE what I found on his website >> go check it out.










Naked Body Projection

15 Nov

Another one of those concepts that makes you wonder why you have not thought of it before….

A beautiful series of photographs shot by artist Texan Davis Ayer whose technique involves projecting images onto the naked bodies of women – creating the effect of photo perfect tattoos before photographing them. Would love to explore this technique further… (via The Trendy Girl)

Needless to say this post also reminds me of ‘Graffiti On Girls’ which is a lot more porno and a lot less arty than the work below (kind of SFW link):


Interactive Geek Graffiti

17 Feb

This is amazing – check out the video below too!

The visitor chooses reflect upon the moss mural and then on closer inspection touches the moss. The moss responds by playing a sound. This prompts the visitor to touch different parts of the moss. Different visitors standing around listen or start playing different parts of the mural in concert.

Moss invaders comprises a living graffiti mural and a capacitive sound installation into one piece. The moss mural is made using laser cut stencils to mold a moss milkshake concoction of our own devising. The moss paste is “painted” onto the stencils to grow directly onto the brick wall surface. The sound installation aspect takes the moss invaders into the intergalactic realm. Each moss pad is a capacitive sensor which plays 8-bit musical sounds when touched.


via Nerdcore

Mobstr V Newcastle Council 2

7 Jan

I have covered his graffiti conversations with Newcastle Council before but artist Mobstr has excelled himself with this latest “conversation”:







Naked graffiti girls

22 Dec

If I was to describe the work of Mr Unek I would say ‘hooker graffiti’ – I am not sure why this does not quite work for me, so thought I would post to see if others had better luck putting their finger on the missing ingredient than I…







Updated George Morton-Clark

21 Nov

I love George (Morton-Clark) to absolute bits so felt really bad when I realized I had not posted any of his work for ages – it’s very rude of me not to share (I get to see them all the time). I think I am too close to comment properly on these except to say I love them, they are so disturbed and fucked up, and from one of the *nicest men ever! Ahhhhhhhh 🙂

(this scares me as I recognise those eyes)

*certain exclusions apply

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