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Lego rolls out the barrel

23 Apr


Lego agencies continue to push creative boundaries not just products. To promote the 3D version of Star Wars: Episode One – The Phantom Menace, a barrel made of 20,000 Lego pieces was built and showcased around German theatres. When rotating the barrel played the film’s signature theme tune:

“the barrel was constructed by pro Lego builders Rene Hoffmeister and Axel Al-Rubaie, and features well-known locations from the series, including the Death Star, Tatooine, and Endor”

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Caravan Hotel

3 Jun

Hütten Palast, designed and created by Silke Lorenzen and Sarah Vollmer, is amazing. It’s managed to carry off the uniqueness and quirk of a Japanese sex hotel but with class and caravans. Yes caravans – each hotel room comes with it’s own caravan and best of all it’s affordable too. This place is so pretty, I have to go (I also have the Ikea bench in the bottom too images)… (via The Trendy Girl)

A total tragedy

24 Jul

The Love Parade deaths are so sad – it’s shockingly unfair such a tragedy has happened at all, never mind at a festival started with such peaceful & happy roots. From their website:

Our wish to arrange a happy togetherness was overshadowed by the tragic accidents today. Therefore we are ending the live stream of the Loveparade. Our sincere condolences to all the relatives and our thoughts are with all of those who are currently being taken care of.  The city of Duisburg has set up a hotline at which concerned relatives can get further information: ++49 – (0) 203-94000

Light to all of those effected by this terrible news.

Cult sausage museum

17 Jan

Erm……. not sure what to say about worshipping a sausage on a Sunday (via Reuters)

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