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Underground Tube Tent

29 Jul

Great PR here from Firebox with the timing of their Tube Tent – one of those products it would be worth stocking for the online traffic driving alone. This approach is something they do a fair bit with POA products such as Project Utopia and the bullshit of the million pound pens. It’s £1999 but you can fit 72 people in it, and I guess it would be pretty easy to spot in that festival field.


If you click through you’ll see they have lots of other great tents such as the watermelon one – however for sheer ability to find in a festival the Titanic tent is my absolute favourite, but at almost £8,000 I can dream right?.. Only concept images are available to date and it also comes with Iceberg tents (amazing right). I have always said great concepts start with a brilliant name.

Balancing Dog

3 Mar

Masterchef Rave Tune – AMAZING must watch!

1 Jul

Editing does not get tougher than this… (thanks James)

So all together now “I like the base, base, base, base I like the buttery biscuit base’

Top 10 Masterchef Innuendos

Get Happy With House

27 Jun

I have said it before and I will say it again – I so would do Hugh Laurie especially after seeing this strange messed up brilliance! Thanks to @bacon_jam_blog for tweeting me this when I was in need of a cheer up 🙂

Attack of the killer burger

2 Jun

Franken-furter’s monster

1 Jun

via Archie McPhee

Eating Off Princess Diana

8 Apr

I was sent the link to Eating Off The People’s Princess today for a project I was working on for Mother, but LOVED this so much I just had to post onto my blog. It came via the ‘secret squirrel’ behind Diana in Heaven and is one of the best things I have ever seen. I don’t need to explain it, nor could I if I wanted, but enjoy the pictures. Best of all thanks to Maiden’s Big Fat Gypsy Wedding it’s now really easy to get your hands on Princess Diana plates…

And of course there is also that VERY VERY VERY RUDE AND OFFENSIVE Princess Diana tattoo (she is sucking something) from Woody so ONLY click through if you are not easily offended, and don’t say I did not warn you!  You might also like to know this is a tattoo on someone’s shin…

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