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Fat & Furious

27 Nov

The Fat & Furious Burger Tumblr may not be in English but who needs it when the burgers look this ruddy amazing. Absolute genius.

Gypse Eyes – Sex, Art, Food & Drink

21 Apr

They had me at dildo in hot dog bun – I am so in love with this Kickstarter project it’s ridiculous.  An excellent example of how crowd sourced funding can make amazing projects happen.


Gypsé Eyes is a printed art publication that explores love and sex and incorporates work from artists, photographers, and writers.  This issue investigates Food & Drink and promises to be mouth wateringly tasty (if not always tasteful… wink wink)!

Peeps Diorama

29 Mar

Eggcellent Easter Repost to get is in the moood – Tis the season to eat chocolate, tra la la la la la la la la…

Brilliantly the winner of the Washington Post Peeps Diorama Contest was this Chilean CoPeeepapo Mine Rescue

Some more Peeps Diorama’s below:

Gourmet of Yesterday

28 Mar

Some pictures from Gourmet of Yesterday – a collection images taken from food archive reels, and one way British Pathe tries to encourage people to explore it’s online archive. I think it works brilliantly and see myself becoming addicted to this site pretty darn quickly.

Radishes On Ice London Playboy Mansion

Lobster Mobster from trainee military chefs

Avacado Pears

Hyperrealistic Trashy Food Paintings

10 Mar

I am a sucker for hyperrealistic painting and when it features trashy food such as the work of Tjalf Sparnaa I am totally sold.

Carved fruit & veg

4 Mar

Super cool food carving from Manchester based food & drink photographer Ilian.







Oscar Hot Dogs

24 Feb

Oscar themed hot dogs – best food ever to watch the awards with. See more over at Serious Eats.

The Descendants: "The Hawaii Dog"


The Help: "The Southern Comfort Dog"


Midnight in Paris: "The Parisian Dog"


Hugo: "The Watch-Dog"


The Artist: "The Old-Time Hollywood Dog"





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