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Edwin Crepuscule-Flenk

30 Oct

The wonderful Felt Mistress has sent me some information on a Halloween group show she is part of… …artists had to produce a character and provide a story of why he was hanging around *”the sneaky grave and crypt”.


100% of the sale of Edwin is going to the chosen charity Macmillan Nurses – and he really is such a dude. His story is:

Artist, poet, novelist and “nocturnal romantic”. Edwin’s band, The Decadent Prosimians, split acrimoniously after differences arising over styling mousse in 2005. Since the split Edwin has concentrated on his literary career and can often be found in his local graveyard communing with restless spirits and the old lady who walks her Yorkshire terrier past his favourite bench every morning. He enjoys necromancy, scrabble and tinned aubergines intended for the harvest festival.

The show is curated by Sneaky Racoon who are turning 5 and commemorating the occasion by holding a group show that celebrates the friends made along the way. Tales From The Sneaky Crypt will feature the immense talents of artists: TADO, Jamfactory, A Little Stranger, Cavey, Lunartik, Emily Bee, Felt Mistress, Waste, Map Map, Loulou & Tummie, Lunabee, Cris Rose, Triclops Studio, Jon Paul Kaiser, MEGAMUNDEN, Phil Corbett, Okkle, Anabelle Nielsen, Mimic, Tesselate, Steve Fable, Poked Studio, Clark Rotharmel, Podgy Panda, Creature Kebab, Rhys Brown, Jenn & Tony Bot, Dolly Oblong, Planet Domu, Fadeworks and Sneaky Raccoon.


The spooky show will run for four days (Fri 28th -Mon 31st) at Kidrobot London, and you can buy online at the Toys in the Sneaky Crypt Store. 10% – 100% of toy sales (the artists can chose the %) and money raised will be donated to McMillian Cancer Support, so pop along and help raise money for a wonderful cause.

*not massively understanding why the organisers have decided to link graves and MacMillian Cancer Support so maybe someone could explain. Is it just an overused Halloween concept cliche?

Felt Mistress v Ben Newman

1 Aug


The wonderful Felt Mistress has produced 3 new pieces in collaboration with Ben Newman for his show entitled “Masks” at the NoBrow gallery on Great Eastern Street for the London Design Festival. The show is in September & I can’t wait!


Cotton Monsters

2 Feb

Cotton Monsters – amazing work from Jennifer Strunge, though the Felt Mistress will always be my number one creation of all things felty and awesome!


Killing RUFUS

29 Aug

Today we killed and ate all the cakes at Cake Britain – Rufus went first and was killed using a hammer  (first blow struck by guest toddler called Tara) by the amazing Curious Confectioner who is one of my new icons (although I know I have posted about his work before)! Felt Mistress look away now!!!! It may seem brutal but Captain Fairtrade was killed by someone biting into his hat with their bare teeth… (more of that culling soon)


Felt Mistress and The Curious Confectioner

“Rufus” is a prize, won FAIR and square, from the Felt Mistress FAIRground. By trading in your duck hooking abilities at the Hookable Duck stand you win yourself this delightful piece of Felt Mistress frippery. Rufus is maybe a bit too over-enthusiastic with his affections so it’s only FAIR that we warn you in advance!

Meet Scrimpton

24 Aug

I am so in love with Scrimpton – the latest creation from the amazing Felt Mistress. I think he is “totally fucking Mexico doll snatch” / “peace & fucking” yadda yadda yadda in fact (well you know what I mean):

The Mad Artists Tea Party – NEWS RELEASE

17 Jul

All of the art created will exist only temporarily & only in edible form in the medium of cake

OH MY GOD it all seems so real now as it is – Tate & Lyle are kindly supporting the project and it’s go go go. Amazing creative talents already involved with works of art & cake being planned which will blow your minds (clearly I did not write the release but want to post it unedited hence twattish referring to myself in third person).



Miss Cakehead, of Cakehead Loves Evil, has teamed up with Tate & Lyle for the first ever Mad Artists Tea Party with Lily Vanilli as Curator of Cake. An original concept from Miss Cakehead, it will pair the World’s most creative cake makers with artists and creatives who want to ‘create with cake’ to produce one-off edible artworks for auction.

All of the art created for the tea parties will exist only temporarily, and only in edible form in the medium of cake. Artists confirmed include David A Smith, Stuart Semple, George Morton Clarke, Pete Fowler, Felt Mistress, stenSOUL, The Futureheads, FAUST and Alexander Turvey with cake-ists including the astonishingly talented food artist Prudence Staite, Bea’s of Bloomsbury, Michelle Wibowo, Crumbs & Doilies, Lily Vanilli & ‘Jellymongers’ Bompas & Parr.

Leading up to the event Miss Cakehead will be touring ‘Cake Britain’ with her edible cupcake tree – an art installation and creative consumer experience that will allow children to literally ‘pick’ their own cupcakes off the tree in a bizarre twist on traditional pick your own farms. The inspiration of the tree coming from The Faraway Tree series of books by Enid Blyton, a concept followed through as the cupcake tree will never ‘grow’ the same cakes twice.

Cake fans be afraid – The next Mad Artist Tea Party event has already been planned. Eat Your Heart Out will be the world’s first 18+ cake shop containing VERY horrifying & VERY extreme Halloween edibles.

Notes for editors:

  • The event is being held at The Future Gallery in London the 27th – 29th August, following a ‘private eat’ on the Thursday 26th August where key ‘works of cake’ will be auctioned off for charity.
  • During the course of the exhibition a series of unique ‘cakey’ events will take place; from ultimate ‘rock cake classes’ (baking ACDC style) to a sing-a-long Busgy Malone screening complete with splurge guns. More information on booking for these events to be released soon.
  • All profits from the event will go to charity, including We Make Peace which campaigns for Peace Education in Schools.
  • If you would like to find out more please contact: emmylou.cakehead@gmail.com


23 Jun

This is an awesome idea from Felt Mistress (who I am hopefully going to be working with very soon).

A friend asked her to make a tweed cover for a Stratocaster. They are in a bluegrass band and normally play a banjo but he also wanted to play his electric guitar occasionally… …feeling it  was a bit too rock ‘n’ roll he asked for it to be made a bit more “geography teacher” = one Tweedocaster.

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