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I didn’t dress like this to go unnoticed…

16 Apr

Now that is an entrance – plus I think the last costume is one of my all time favourites!

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King Kong Fashion Is My New Trash

15 Apr

22617 - King Kong Escapes

I am not sure I have the figure to carry off the designs but that does not stop be coveting this range of King Kong inspired fashion by South Africa label Trash.










Cats In Fashion Shoots

16 Oct

Ever since Karl Lagerfeld’s cat, Choupette, became world famous it seems to me that cats are popping up more and more in fashion editorials, and some of my favourite cat inclusive editorial shots below (the mini guitars are incredible & should feature in all cat photography). For the sake of my sanity do not get my started on the treatment the ridiculously spoilt Chooupette gets but you can read about it here. Let’s just say he could run the entire Battersea cat for a year and it would cost less than the money he spends on his one cat. Cats are happiest when treated as a cat so I can’t help but find his behaviour incredibly selfish and self indulgent. It reminds me of how some insane cat breeders wont sell you a cat unless you sign a contract saying you will not let it outside, utterly ridiculous.


(note best cat playing guitar shot ever)

Don’t get me wrong I am all for ‘cat inclusion’ but sometimes you need to let cats be cats.

Stolen Girlfriends Club Anatomical Vibe

4 Aug


With Eat Your Heart Out this year being 100% anatomically themed I have started checking out some pretty awesome anatomically designed fashion online. Anatomical fashion being one of those things which is really hard to carry off and generally I find it to be too A Level art student in vibe. It’s even harder to buy, with the only stand out pieces I want to wear being out of reach expensive items such as the spine heels from D Squared, almost everything Kemit Tesero designs or the incredible John Gaultier skeleton corset.

Anyway on one of my recent Pinterest x Google image search quests I discovered Secret Girlfriends Club whose recent anatomical fashions are spot on. Let’s not kid ourselves that it IS expensive but in relation to they Gaultier corset it’s positively Primark prices. I have shared one of my favourites from their collection below.






PS: I love the skull print – does anyone know if the fabric designer / artist is in house?

Oh My!

12 May

Piers Atkinson has done it again with his a/w 12 collection entitled ‘Oh My!’ – oh my indeed I adore it all. Top picks below including one of the men’s pieces (anyone for a crystal beard).

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Coke’s Tribute To Fashion

28 Mar

Reactivated “Tribute to Fashion” project Coke Light bottles designed by fashion designers like Donatella Versace, Alberta Ferretti, Anna Molinari (Blumarine), Angela Missoni und Rosella Jardini (Moschino). If you are a regular reader of this blog you’ll know I am not a massive fan of stunts like this but these I DO like…

Mulberry Fantasy

25 Jan

So in love with the advert for Mulberry 2012

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