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Japan’s gone GaGa

24 May

A match made in heaven – Lady GaGa and Japanese fans:

Burger King Holidays

15 May


An awesome example of ‘this is how you do it’ PR work from Cow. Working with STA Travel they set up a burger pilgrimage for Burger King fans.

Burger King tapped into the “growing trend for gastro-tourism” with its 35-day Burger Pilgrimage Trip, which takes in 16 cities in eight countries, spread over three continents.

The £3,400 price tag means the pilgrimage is reserved for the most hardened burger fans – but there are shorter burger breaks available from £149.

Burger King cites the meatball, created during Roman times, as the first incarnation of the burger, with something closer to the modern version emerging during the Medieval period.

“Contrary to popular opinion, the burger has both an interesting and surprising history, which this new trip highlights,” the company said.

The reputation of burgers has improved in recent years, and they can be found on the menu of many of country’s top restaurants, with chefs elevating the humble mince round by making it with expensive cuts of beef.

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