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Gypse Eyes – Sex, Art, Food & Drink

21 Apr

They had me at dildo in hot dog bun – I am so in love with this Kickstarter project it’s ridiculous.  An excellent example of how crowd sourced funding can make amazing projects happen.


Gypsé Eyes is a printed art publication that explores love and sex and incorporates work from artists, photographers, and writers.  This issue investigates Food & Drink and promises to be mouth wateringly tasty (if not always tasteful… wink wink)!

Animal Eyes

14 Oct

Portraits of animals eyes to freak you out on a Friday afternoon from Suren Manvelyan Photography via Nerdcore.













24 Jul

OK I actually do totally freaked out writing this post and there is a good reason… oh yes this is a bad / good one those eyelashes below are made from…

…dead fly legs. Yep artist Jessica Harrison makes ‘sculptural videos’ including one using real fly legs for eyelashes called (of course) Flylashes.  It’s making me shudder – but equally I LOVE IT.

I don’t find Mouth Eye any less disturbing either – urrrrrrghhhhhhhh

via Nerdcore

Koichiro Tsujikawa – “Eyes”

26 May

Great find over at Sprayblog:

Terrible Yellow Eyes

12 Aug

nik Hats off to Terrible Yellow Eyes for doing what I really wanted to, but never got round to. A dedicated blog to art influenced by Where The Wild Things Are. Thanks to Notcot for pointing me in their direction. All round good work by all – let the rumpus begin! -1 -1-1 -3 alberto carlos don harris wild031

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