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Peeps Diorama

29 Mar

Eggcellent Easter Repost to get is in the moood – Tis the season to eat chocolate, tra la la la la la la la la…

Brilliantly the winner of the Washington Post Peeps Diorama Contest was this Chilean CoPeeepapo Mine Rescue

Some more Peeps Diorama’s below:

Whisky Chocolate Egg Hunts

23 Mar

This looks like delicious fun!!! Not to mention a really creative idea to link a drinks brand with Easter – putting aside any snobbery that chocolate can not be mixed with whiskey (in my eyes a ridiculous conclusion).

Monkey Shoulder Whisky is inviting one and all to indulge in our subversive take on the traditional Easter- egg hunt. Think fewer bunnies, more booze; all in an overgrown, indoor wilderness at the Monkey Chocolate Trail, 63 Broadwick Soho.

Find a ‘a green egg hidden in the hybrid chocolate-mint plants might get you a mint julep and some dark, spearmint chocolate’… …and so on and so forth. I am sure you get the idea.

Explore the space for yourself, or use a guide (kind of a pimped up bar tender not behind a bar) pointing out the best and garnishes to complement cocktails. Reach inside the hidden discover something nice or if unlucky, something nasty… this
bunny has a cheeky sense of humor. Lest we forget what happens to bad bunnies!

Head here to find out more and start to droooooooool…

Scary Easter Bunny 2012

25 Apr

Thanks to Brad S for sending me this scary bunny picture taken yesterday…

A crafty dissection of the Easter Bunny

22 Apr

Chocolate Zombie Bunny

21 Apr

More amazing crap from Think Geek

Worst ever Easter bunnies – EASTER REPOST

18 Apr


Synth Cakes

17 Jun

Poor old Pete has broken his foot so I thought I’d post this again to try and cheer him up, not to mention I need to try and make one of these for him at some point over the week-end!

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