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The Steve Dress

15 Jul

I don’t have a ‘signature style’ but that said I do wear Black Milk about 80% of the time and this beast of dress should be winging it’s way over to me from Australia (along with a lot of other things = painful for my bank balance). It shows Steve Buscemi (of course you know who he is think ” The Big Lebowski) and is only available online shop Black Milk Clothing for $ 100.






Meat Dress

15 Jan

I know I have tweeted this but for the life of me can’t remember who designed it – if you do know let me know too please! (source: buzzfeed)

Heavy Metal Corsets

6 Oct

I have previously posted about their cake range of corsets but these Mayan Hansen ‘Heavy Metal’ range of corsets and dresses feature the likes of ‘Kiss’, ‘Slayer’, ‘Misfits’, ‘Iron Maiden’ and ‘Metallica’ – and therefore ROCK, literally!

I know this is not massively innovative but I think these are not tacky (unlike those sold for a million pounds on clothing stands at Sonisphere) – which is new for metal band inspired corsetry to me anyway. Amazing stuff I want to get my hands on (in kooky for EYHO reasons, not I will ever wear this in normal circumstances way).


10 May

This has to be of the most ridiculously stupid things I have done for ages…

Spent tonight making a dress to wear for a shoot tomorrow, a photograph from which needs to go on the Marmite factory wall (yes I know!!! – more of that next week). Anyhow having worked my arse off to get it finished tonight who can spot the reason why this dress simply will not (or be allowed to) cut the Marmite… Fuck me I am dense at times!!!

Slutty toilet roll dolly

12 Mar

I had you at slutty toilet roll right?..

Anyway I LOVE my new dress but apparently it makes me look like, and I quote, “a toilet dolly on crack, hey or a slutty toilet dolly on crack” (how do you even dream that insult up)?  There was worse; “or one of those brides on the gypsy wedding show”! I am massively at give a shit dot com with this and am most certainly going to wear it out tonight, and hey maybe even for the Sainsbury’s shop tomorrow too.

Here are some random variations on toilet dolly’s – and my fat bum in ‘that’ dress. For my sanity please can someone confirm if the insults were accurate!!! I must admit that I feel like a teenager taking pictures in front of the mirror – but in a bad way!

To be honest I was thinking at worst kooky fairy with a burlesque vibe 😦 But am now genuinely concerned I may be trying to rock a look that no one over the age of ten should ever attempt. Sod it I might as well embrace the look and go out wearing Dolly Beads too. Bring it on!!!

Alice inspired top hats

11 Mar

So worth a repost – imagine how much I am trotting out this amazing top hat at the moment. That said with all the Alice curiouser and curiouser activity it feels like lots of uninvited guests have joined the party at the moment.


Went into Prangsta today and had to share these pictures of the AMAZING rabbit top hat which I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE.



I am also lusting after this Ostrich feather adorned clown hat, and naturally have already eyed up this Medusa wig for Halloween…




Skull dress

29 Nov

Much thanks to Going Like Sixty for sending me this corker across – I love the way he looks after me and only sends me the strangest stuff (source).

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