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Cigar sandwiches

11 Mar

I am no foodie but even I could not miss the hype / love / delighted amazement over Moto, a Chicago restaurant specialising in ‘future food’. Whilst I can’t comment on the food (the whole internet says it is amazing) – the photography and presentation of the food is orgasmic enough. To start check this Classic Cuban Sandwich Presented as a Cuban Cigar, Complete with Edible Ash;

Burgers & Bombs (real menu description)

There is even a TV series about the restaurant – Future Food – and it is well worth a watch if only to gather complain fodder over the fact here in the UK get Heston whilst the US has these two cooks who you could conceivably describe at hot!

As for the menu WOW

C02 grapefruit
GOLDEN twist ale
CLAM bake
NUAC man
CUBAN cigar
SHABU shabuccino
VENISON & alium
CREPES that are cheese
FRITES frozen and fried
CURRY lime
BANANA split
ACME bombs
COOKIE crumbs
SODA float

Rethinking ceramics – part 1

5 Feb

These are just beautiful – at last a truly original ceramic design company in the form of The New English. Woo hoo!!!

Fetish Dining

27 Apr


La Nouvelle Justine is a full on fetish dining experience.

Guests sit in ‘adult high chairs’ and are served by slaves. Food is served in a dog bowl, and for dessert you get a size nine stiletto heel filled with fresh fruit by a waitress in a dominatrix costume. Random spankings of guest also take place to add to the atmosphere.

Paddles, chokers and collars are sold in the shop – a World away form traditional resturant branded key rings and t-shirts.

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