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Gaultier Gold Bars

13 Jan

Let’s get this clear, this is not branded jewelry it’s a branded gold bar. Yes as in the stuff that’s valuated based on weight, instead of “how pretty it is” or “which celebrity was last spotted with it.” Ok already strange. It gets stranger when you discover Jean-Paul Gaultier has placed his logo on one-ounce 24-karot ingots of gold supplied by Dillon Gage Metals. This is beyond random and luckily Refinery 29 did some sums:

They and are selling for $1,826.33 with a $25 handling fee. Spot gold trading puts the price of one ounce of gold to be $1,660. Simply speaking, Jean-Paul Gaultier can charge $191.33 just for putting his name and logo on something.

Pantone Cookies

25 Jan

A graphic designer made these for her clients – major creativity envy kicking in from me:

Urgh ‘designer’ pumpkins (2010 repost)

22 Oct




Witty & wearable

18 Oct

As you already know I adore the work of Piers Atkinson (this link takes to my previous post on his Sex on the Brain collection), and am bursting with excitement that I can wear one of his creations for the EYHO & PP shenanigans next week. This frankly awesome news got me hunting through his website (for the millionth time) where I was reminded just why his work captured my imagination from the very first time I saw it. Items from The Frog & The Princess (AW09) collection shown below really summarise why he nails it for me as my favourite milliner – playful, funny and some even slightly ridiculous all of them are very wearable and destined to make anyone feel rather naughty indeed. I can’t wait!

Working with Pink Floyd

2 Apr

A sneak preview of some footage shot for the documentary the Chance Collective are currently making about iconic album artist Storm Thorgerson.

Just tip me over and pour me out

7 Mar

It gets curiouser and curiouser when you start looking at tea pot designs via my faithful friend the Google image search. Most of these are via the blog of UK teapot artist Andy Titcomb who works out of Cornwall (which should keep the Monsterist happy).

Companion Parrot

20 Feb

London designer Tithi Kutchamuch has created a necklace with charms modeled on the skull and entrails of a parrot via Dezeen.

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