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Marmite Margaret Thatcher

13 Apr

Marmite Margaret Thatcher

Very clever Guardian *applauds*

Cantaloupe Bowl

9 Nov

Oh these are so pretty (and affordable!)… 






Macabre Shark Attack Wetsuit

8 Aug

This wetsuit design is in terrible taste… so of course I love it. There are also a lot of other things (see Buzzfeed top 20 list here) which kill more people than sharks each year such as obesity, lightening & bathtubs so sod it.

All from Diddo who were also behind this purposefully hideous LV gas mask, which is part of their High Fashion Protection series.

Slit Wrists Glass

31 Mar

A tough one & an unsettling post which nearly didn’t make the cut (you’ll notice I have not tagged it). For the record I don’t like this design, or think it is the most tasteful thing I have ever seen, BUT as a work of art it stopped me in my tracks so thought I would post and allow my readers to decide for themselves (via Flash Glam Trash).

My Little Rabbit In Wonderland

31 Mar

White Rabbit custom My Little Pony by Mari Kasurinen (via Toy Cutter). Now this is a customisation done really really well.

Worshipping the World’s Most Amazing Offices

19 Mar

Bloody hell check out the Worship Street OFFICES – from Helix 3D (client). They designed, fabricated and installed a Church, a tree house, a cinema, a derelict building, a bunker, a military dormitory and much more besides! See more of the Faceparty interior here.

Bat Cave Cinema

17 Mar

How incredible is this cave cinema – a private commission in someone’s house!!! WANT WANT WANT.

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