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David Bowie in Space

13 May

I don’t think it is ever going to be possible to beat this amazing, inspiring and strangely moving David Bowie cover. It featured Canadian commander Chris Hadfield covering Space Oddity, which he recorded on the International Space Station shortly before handing over command of the space station to Russia’s Pavel Vinogradov. Follow him on Twitter @cmdr_Hadfield


Toddler David Bowie

27 Nov

Perfect image for a Sunday Morning – via the brilliant tumblr Flash Glam Trash  (it’s mainly NSFW content so don’t visit it if easily offended).




A very different David Bowie & Iggy Pop

30 Apr

LOVE this

David Bowie’s 64th

8 Jan

In celebration of David Bowie’s (I LOVE HIM) 60th birthday today here are 60 things you might not know about him, and 6 videos below (of course).

So it’s not his 60th, but 64th (thanks Rene) but hey that is exactly why I have to stop blogging pissed!!!!

Best Bowie cover (kind of)

26 Dec

Mick Rock – the man who shot the 70’s

8 Nov

This week I am mainly filming & working with Mick Rock (and loving my job):

Idea Generation Gallery present a retrospective of the legendary photographer, Mick Rock, and showcase his work documenting the most outrageous moments, people and legends in music history in association with Zippo. Celebrated as ‘The Man Who Shot the 70s’, Mick Rock’s images define rock n’ roll. Rock launched his career in 1972 with his portrait of an unknown David Bowie and spent the next four decades capturing the most fascinating and exciting characters in rock music. This outstanding exhibition will coincide with the publication of Rock’s new book Exposed: the Faces of Rock n’ Roll, which includes previously unseen and unpublished images, as well as rare and unexpected portraits.

Lots more to come this week – it’s going to be busy but fun…

Let’s Dance

2 Jul

It’s FRIDAY – so let’s dance under the moonlight, the serious moonlight…