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Chocolate Museum Fossils & Incredible Edible Art

6 Jun

1.T Rex teeth.chocolate

So excited to be blogging again (!!!) and what better way to start than by sharing the work of  an incredible food artist and fine artist Sarah Hardy. If I tell you she gained her skills in in wax-work museums, and as a internationally recognised fine artist, you can guess the quality of the edible fossil pieces Essex based Sarah accurately reproduces in the finest dark, milk & white Belgium Chocolate.


1.Fossil Collectors Box-chocolate

1.Sarah making chocs

These incredible museum quality edible fossils are created with intricate casting and hand-painted detail – creating ultimate collectors items not novelty chocolate. With the largest fossil – the Megalodon Tooth – weighing in at 120g and a whopping 14cm long. 2 hours are spent hand finishing each one to the finest detail with a 11cm long T Rex Tooth and collectors box of 16 separate fossils also in the collection.

1.Fossil Production
1.Fossil Collectors Box-chocolate


IT GETS EVEN BETTER…  Sarah has even created edible decapitated human heads from cake for international film companies and even a raw turkey cake which went on to be an online viral hit, food artist. Now she (& I) are dreaming of the day she gets to create a life sized T Rex Skull in chocolate.

A gallery of some more of her work is below – remember that all of the below are cakes or in the case of the anatomical heart chocolate…

pheasant landscape1
maggot therapy
Conch Cake - Tate & Lyle
Raw Turkey Cake 1
severed head
1.Heart with scalpel -chocolate
A.portrait with pheasant
2 Oct

Truly one of the most amazing cupcakes I have ever seen and on sale at EYHO!

Eat Your Heart Out

As we’ve said all along this year’s Eat Your Heart Out is not about ‘gore’ it’s about using extreme cakes to communicate messages based around Pathology – hence our location in the St Bart’s Pathology Museum and Carla Valentine co-curating the shop with me. Miss Insomnia Tulip has nailed it with this ‘Common Breast Pathologies’ cupcake, I genuinely feel this has taught me something. Lots of gold stars for her!!!

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The Pocket Book of Vagina Cakes!

7 Feb

I have been asked a LOT to do a book on vagina cakes so thought I might as well just go for it – as publishers are too pussy I have decided to fund it myself – I say myself… Crowd sourced funding – buy the book for a bargain £10 and help me make this happen. Have 28 days to go!

Creative Lorem Ipsum

24 Oct

I think the last two are my favorite gangsta or hipster 😉

1) Cupcake Ipsum

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2) Bacon Ipsum

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3) Samuel L. Lipsum

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4) Veggie Ipsum

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Candy Wallpaper

27 Sep

I must not be tempted to buy a giant sundae shaped chalk board for the office… and so on and so forth!

There is child like joy to be had in these wallpapers from WallCandy Arts. Clouds, red apples, cupcake wall decals, twin popsicles… Oh it makes me feel happy just looking at them.

Creepy Cupcake Babies

4 Sep

I’ll be honest these creepy cupcake babies from Carnivality petrify me…


Todka – Cult Cornish Toffee Vodka

26 Jul

I am second guessing that most of the people at the Cakey Perry launch party will have a sweet tooth so the lovely Todka is a PERFECT partnership for us (of course depending on supplies* we will be offering it to normal diners too as I think vodka with cake is a perfectly acceptable combination indeed at any time of day) – and if it is good enough for Nigella’s Christmas it is good enough for me! Yes I am pretty in love with this vodka so some more information is below as well as some ideas of how to bake with it!

Todka is a deliciously smooth, toffee flavour Vodka that began life in a small guest house in Newquay, Cornwall – from where its popularity and cult status quickly spread.

 Original Toffee

Just Vodka and smooth Toffee, pure and simple. Start here for an unbelievable taste experience. Sweet caramel, then a warming hint of Vodka – perfect.

  • Shooter – with ice
  • Mixer – Hot ginger beer



Vodka, Toffee –then Banoffee. It’s Bananas!

An extreme dimension to the original. Everything you have come to expect with a crash of Banana to make your day.

Makes the perfect CupCake ingredient!



Vodka, Toffee –then Hazelnut.

Does it really taste like the chocolate bar with one in every bite? You tell us, we are not sure. We only know it tastes great!

  • Todka with added earthy hazelnut flavour. Great with Mince pies or in Flapjack
  • Bailey’s & Ice
  • In expresso coffee with a dollop of ice cream on the top!

BUY TODKA: On-line suppliers include:  Firebox.com, amazon.co.uk, drinkshop.com

FIND OUT MORE:  For more information about Todka, including retailers and recipe and cocktail ideas  go to – http://www.todka.com

FOLLOW TODKA @todka they want your to cake based ideas and pictures from this event!

*how pissed the press decide to get 😉

Cupcake dog V Alice Cooper

8 Jun

OMG he does so look like him!


Drug Cupcakes

2 Jun

I LOVE THESE – I can’t track down who made them though. The mushrooms are a particularly fine touch 😉

Klimt Cupcake

7 May

I have a real soft spot for Klimt so I am not sure if this cupcake really carries it off – nice concept though very Mad Artists Tea Party. Cupcake from Sweetology (via).

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