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Anatomical Heart 3D Cookie

25 Nov

Starting to set up and plan for the Valentine’s Day anatomical heart pop up and you can read more here. This 3D heart cookie from Made With Love By Me / Hannah Glennerster is one of the items we will be selling. It is a three-dimensional interactive maple syrup anatomical heart cookie which has been airbrushed, royal iced and hand-painted. The top cookie comes off to reveal the inner workings of the heart on the bottom cookie which is also a space where you can store a message for your loved one. I see this piece as a romantic extreme fortune cookie!

Piñata Sugar Cookies

27 Apr

These are ruddy amazing and you can find out how to make them here (like having the instructions would help me ever make them).

Medical Cookies

24 Mar

Benjamin Stein made two types of cookies for his friends birthday: a UID being inserted into a cervix and esophageal dysphagia. YUM!





Ad Fab High Tea

15 Dec

Looking at Nevie Pie’s edible ashtray (of our Kerrang! Awards fame) and feeling massively inspired for an Ad Fab high tea – let’s face it Patsy would love it…

Hmmm so what else to include…
Logo lollipops


OTT Cupcakes like these from C&D

Cocaine Cake as given to Lindsey Lohan

Drugs cupcakes

Remember when Edwina had a pet dolphin?..

Cupcake in a martini glass

Fairy bread reminds me of Bubbles


Camera cookie from Cookie Boy

Loving cookies is perfectly logical

12 Sep

I don’t even like Star Trek but I love this – from Think Geek of course.


Smurf Cookies

2 Jul


(via Edible Craft)



Bite off more than you can chew

2 May

Amazing cookie poster from Anna Garforth -spelling out “Bite off more than you can chew”. It looks, and I am sure tastes, just beautiful – via great new discovery Gastronomista.

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