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Edible Cook Book

7 Apr

Inspired thinking from Korefe

The first and only Cookbook You Can Actually read, cook and eat. Made out of 100% fresh pasta it Can Be Opened, filled with ingredients and finally Be cooked. Packaged as classic lasagna. The Cookbook WAS Designed as a special project for a wide publishing house.

Chef Knife Earings

21 Jan

“Cook up some style with these sterling silver chef’s knife earrings. Designed by Debbie Howe who was inspired by her husband – a passionate chef – these pieces add just the right culinary flair to your outfit. Each set comes in a unique gift box. Handmade in New York.”

Buy these beasts here (via WKB)

Cakes by Creatives

16 Dec

The very tasty Konditor & Cook have only just pointed me in the direction of their Cakes by Creatives project 2009 – this batch from Jamie Aston, Simon Carter, Vanessa da Silva & Orla Kiely (love these).

Now once I started snuffling around their blog I found all sorts of wonderful cakes – already suffering an addiction to their raspberry and chocolate cake (YUM).

designed by Badly Drawn Boy

Queen Coronet

An amazing collaborationg with Mika to help him launch his album “The Boy Who Knew Too Much” saw a fantastic, edible 3-D version of the album went out to radio stations & the music press.

Chef’s ring

2 Sep

Oooo I love this meat tenderising ring designed with cooks in mind (via Eat Me Daily).


Cook – Yummy frozen meals

8 Jun


It is possible COOK have just saved my life. At the mere hint of a visitor, or worse romantic dinner, my house inexplicably descends into madness.

Even Vogue agree with me and described this awesome “cheat at cooking” company as;

“all the hearty dishes of a domestic goddess’s over without you having to chop, peel or mix.”

To be fair theses dishes come as frozen so it would hard to go wrong, unlike this fiasco from Bridget Jones (this is my life);

Cannot go on. Have just stepped in a pan of mashed potato in new kitten-heel black suede shoes from Pied-a-Terre (Pied a Potato, more like), forgetting that kitchen floor and surfaces were covered in pans of mince and mashed potato. It is already 6.30 and have to go out to Cullen’s for Grand Marnier souffle ingredients and other forgotten items. Oh my god – suddenly remembered tube of contraceptive jelly might be on side of wash basin. Must also hide storage jars with embarrassingly unhip squirrel design. And put hideous Kenyan carving gift from Woney on display.


Amazing Fat Duck Imagery

27 May

The last thing you would want to do with The Big Fat Duck Cookbook is let is anywhere near the kitchen – this book is far too good for that and should most certainly be ‘saved for best’ as people over the age of 50 tend to say. Photographer Dominic Davies brings the genius of chef Heston Blumenthal to life through some of the most amazing food photography I have ever seen.














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